Why women lose weight often worse than men

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Women lose weight, useful recommendations

All of us understand that regular exercise and a healthful diet are crucial to weight reduction success. If you are already eating right and exercising daily, and you are still failing to shed unwanted pounds there could be another reason. Below are some surprising reasons women lose weight worse than men.

Why do women lose weight worse than men?

A sluggish thyroid is among the most common reasons girls cannot slim down. Your thyroid produces the hormones that control how your body uses energy. When your thyroid is under active, your metabolism begins to fall making it harder that you slim down. If you find yourself constantly feeling tired, easily gaining weight, and sensitive to cold you may have a sluggish thyroid, or hypothyroidism. See your physician for a suitable investigation and treatment alternatives.

Stressful life

Life is full of stressful situations. Particularly for girls. Sadly, pressure is among the many reasons women lose weight much less. Pressure negatively impacts both mental and physical health. Chronic stress frequently results in thyroid dysfunction, high blood pressure, a poor immune system, and weight gain. Should you be experiencing ongoing meantime, try reducing the amount of activities you participate in, get more rest, learn to say no more often, and try to avoid unhealthy relationships.

Problems with hormones

Why women lose weight often worse than guys

Why women lose weight often slower than men

Girls may experience hormone imbalances for several motives. One result is poly-cystic ovary syndrome which causes women ‘s bodies to over produce male hormones. This state is linked to insulin resistance which changes the manner extra fat is handled and kept in the body. Such hormone imbalances are among the causes girls cannot lose weight If you’ve got an irregular menstrual cycle or develop facial hair much like that of guys, these are signs which you might have a hormone imbalance. Reducing your sugar consumption and limiting processed carbohydrates could help. You are going to must see a physician for an official investigation.

Persistent lack of slumber

Do you realize that lack of sleep is among the reasons girls lose weight with difficulties? Girls often over extend themselves between work commitments, family obligations, and keeping their relationships with buddies. When girls want more time, they often give up sleep. Studies have shown that a long-term lack of sleep increases appetite, inducing individuals to eat more, in turn making it more difficult to drop some weight. Slumber is vital for your general health and wellbeing. Go get some sleep even if that means taking naps at your desk during your lunch break.

Drug side effects

One unpleasant side effect of prescription drugs is that women cannot lose weight. Some medications, including anti depressants and birth control pills induce women to gain weight, and allow it to be hard to lose unwanted pounds. Speak with your health care provider if your drug is having a negative effect in your weight. There may be alternate medicines you could take instead.

Considerations for losing weight

Continue to eat a healthful diet and supply your body with some kind of physical activity daily. Make avoid strenuous tasks and get a medical check up before radically altering your diet or exercise habits. Discuss your weight reduction goals with your physician or a nutritionist in order to develop a suitable weight reduction plan, and to address any of the reasons girls cannot lose weight that pertain to you.

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