Best weight training exercises for women

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Fat loss and weight training exercises for women

The greatest weight training exercises for women will tone and strengthen the most common issue areas: the abs, hips, legs and bottom. Strength training exercises will help develop strong bones, control weight and reduce the danger of harm. Strength training may also help in boosting your self confidence by enhancing a woman’s body image and reducing melancholy.

Plie Squat Weight Training Exercises for Women With Shoulder Lifts

The greatest weight training exercises for women

The best weight training exercises for women

Adding shoulder lifts will not only work the shoulders, but may also raise one’s heart rate that will help burn off fat. Stand tall while keeping your tummy muscles tight and flex your knees to 90 degrees while lifting your arms out to a “T” at shoulder height and hold for five seconds. Make sure you keep your weight in heels and do not let your knees go beyond your toes. Slowly lower your arms down as you lift back to begin while squeezing your inner thighs and glutes. Do eight to 12 repetitions and repeat.

 Mountain Climbers With Pushups

Mountain climbers joined with pushups are really awesome weight training exercises for girls. They will give women an intense aerobic workout while strengthening the abs, legs, torso and arms. These exercises will challenge the heart. Repeat with your left knee to left arm. Continue driving the knees upwards while keeping the bottom as low as you can for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds and get back into pushup position with your hands a little wider than shoulders and put right under your shoulders with feet hip-distance apart. Lower your arms down to 90 degrees, keeping abs muscle tight and body straight. Don’t let your back arch or sag. Slowly lift back to starting location. Do eight to 12 repetitions and duplicate the mountain climbers with pushups routine.

Walking Lunges With Bicep Curls

Walking lunges with bicep curls is an effective weight training exercise for women to burn off fat and give you a complete body work out. This combo exercise will work the buttocks, hips, legs and bicep muscles. Discover a level space and begin by holding the weights at your sides while standing with good posture. Take one large step forward with your right leg, leaving about 2 1/2 feet between your feet. Your left heel should be lifted and if your type is correct, you should have the capacity to lift and wiggle your right toes. Hold for five seconds afterward slowly lift your knee back up as you lower your hand weights down to starting position. Step out with the left leg and repeat the lunge and bicep curl. Alternate doing walking lunges with bicep curls on the right and left side. Do eight to 12 repetitions, rest and repeat.

Measure Ups With Shoulder Presses

Measure-ups with shoulder presses are a fast means to blast fat while toning your shoulders, glutes, hip and thigh muscles. Begin by holding your weights at your sides and stand facing a short measure or seat. You should have great bearing, meaning your shoulders are pulled back, your belly muscles are tight and your feet are hip-distance apart. Put your right foot in the middle and entirely on the measure and ensure you feel balanced. Hold your left hand weight up to your shoulder. Putting all of your weight on the right foot, stand up and lift your left knee up in front of you while pressing your right hand weight straight up to the ceiling. Do eight to 12 repetitions and repeat on the other side.

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