Weight loss plans that lead you right

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All About Effective Weight Loss Plans

Different types of weight loss plans are advertised on every social media today. But, finding the best way to lose weight in the right way, is still kept a secret. After many years of obstacles and failures, I have revealed this secret successfully and I am going to reveal the basics of it to you, today.

Weight loss plans need your hard work      

I admit that this is not the super easy – super fast plan that you must be expecting it to be. But, I must remind you that good things are never easy to get!

To achieve a beautiful body, healthy life and a good fitness level, you need to work hard. You must focus, you must sweat and also you must be able to control your craves. It requires a combination of many lifestyle changes and the proper mindset, which many of you might be lacking right now. This actually can be one of the greatest trials for some people. Anyhow, if the end result is good and you are the winner who is going to be crowned, why don’t you give it a good try?

Even though you have seen millions of weight loss programs out there, which says, one can lose weight only by diet or physical exercises, this is the most unrealistic thing I have ever heard in my whole life. I know and I have experienced that losing weight is not simple. It is based on many healthy involvements which I will explain through this article;

Know your real weight before you start

Weight Loss Plan That Leads You Right

The Right Weight Loss Plan

I have seen many people chanting “I must lose weight”, “I am fat” and many other things. But, if I ask them “what is your weight” or “are you overweight or obese”, I am sure that they will stammer, struggling to find the right answer. That’s why, the first and the foremost thing you must do, is to know yourself and to know if you need to lose weight or not!

Before starting these weight loss plans, make sure you find a scale to weigh yourself. Get the correct measurement and note it down on your calendar. Now, it’s the time to google a correct BMI chart to see where you stand. Are you obese or are you overweight? Find it out yourself.

When you know where you stand, then you surely know where you should lead. To know how much you should lose weight calculate your ideal goal weight using this formula;

X – 110 = Y

A – 25 = B

B X 0.5 = C

Your Weight Goal = Y + C

X – Your height in cm, A – Your age

This goal weight should be one of the main focuses in the next few months of your life. Of course, you will have to do many sacrifices with your cravings and unhealthy habits. But what you are going to achieve is simply not a good figure, but, also a happy and healthy life.

Lose weight for the right reasons

A Notepad, an Orange and a Measuring Tape on a Green Background

A Notepad, an Orange and a Measuring Tape

Some say they need to lose weight, just because they are not in the ideal ‘size zero’. Others say they want to focus on losing weight because they got their latest medical reports saying they have high levels of cholesterol, blood sugar, and many other problems. Whatever the reason you have behind your weight loss attempts, it should be strong and necessary enough to keep you get going until the end.

Weak reasons such as, ‘I am trying to lose weight because my friends say I am fat’ or ‘I want to lose weight because I want to impress the person I have a crush on’ will only leave you disappointed as these choices are temporary motivations. Anyhow, to achieve permanent goals and permanent changes of life, you must find the correct reasons, to work hard on losing weight.

I wanted to lose weight for many reasons. After failing many times, I realized that weight losing plans should be followed only with firm reasons such as a good health, personality improvement, improving focus, preventing diseases, battling against aging and so on. According to my considerations, elderly people should be more motivated to lose weight. Even though they are the more resistant ones nowadays. This is because a healthy weight is the main determinant of an elderly person’s health and quality of life.

How to lose weight fast for women, is a tag that is easily searchable on the Internet. This is because more women focus on losing weight. They have many reasons. But, I must say, even if you are a woman or a man, you must have the correct motivations to lose weight successfully.

Forget the past and look forward to your success

A haunting past is one of the most discouraging things I have experienced in my life. Like a highly virulent virus, it will first affect your focus, then your mindset and then your time management. It will eventually lead to a complete fail of the plan of losing weight. This is the reason I am going to grab your attention into this matter. As much as you should work hard on trying to find the right reasons, you should also work hard on forgetting your past failures. Know that now you are going to do it right and forget your big failures and disappointments in the past.

What I always believe is that two people cannot live in two different places. You must either live in the past with a heap of disappointing experiences or else you should look forward to a future with great successes and achievements. Which one would you choose? Are you ready to be a winner or a loser?

When you know that none of us are born to be losers or failures, why are you going to stay as one? You and I are equal. Even I have a past that has a remarkable number of failures. But, if I am a great achiever today, I believe that you can be one too. Get out from your shell and get ready to crown yourself with the victory – do not underestimate yourself. YOU ARE BORN TO WIN!

A correct plan always has the right choice of food

Starting New Healthy Weight Loss Plans

Starting New Weight Loss Plans

This blueprint of weight loss consists of many dietary changes. These changes are essential as it will be the first ailment that will alter your metabolism. Due to the free availability of tasty unhealthy low-cost fast foods, you tend to buy them quite frequently to coop with the busy schedule. That is how the epidemic of obesity has been caused in the last few decades. But, now it is the time to correct this!

How many calories should I eat to lose weight? This is a frequent question many people ask. Weight loss diet plans are more about eating right and not limited to calorie balancing. But, we encourage that you choose low calorie food during the program.

Start with your proteins. I know you love steaks, barbecues and deep fried meat. But, now it is the time to reduce your meat proteins while increasing your vegetable proteins. It is quite amazing that this world supplies us with all essential amino acids in the form of vegetable proteins as well. Therefore, replace your meat proteins with legumes such as beans, chickpeas, soy, and others.

Luckily, this is not the only option for protein replacement. Do you know fish is another best source of protein? Yes, they are providing dual benefits. Fishes are packed with protein as well as Omega 3 fatty acids, which is a good fat that helps in flushing away the bad ones.

When you reduce meat protein, you will unintentionally reduce the consumption of bad fats. Replace them with good oils such as olive oil, grapeseed oil, and sunflower oil. Our meal plan is not about being ‘completely fat free’.

Other than these changes you should also follow the following rules;

  • Add digestion improving bacteria to the diet (bifidobacteria and lactobacteria)
  • Increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits
  • Consume bran and oatmeal to supply enough fibres to your diet
  • Nuts are the best snacks and contain a lot of omega 3 fats
  • Red wine is a good antioxidant to be sipped during meals.

Every drop of sweat are calories well spent

The best physical exercise to start your plan with is, walking in the pace that you won’t pant. But as you move forward with the right motivation, you may try jogging or running after about 2-3 weeks. Of course, aerobics are the best calorie burners. But, this doesn’t mean that you should only enroll in aerobics throughout the whole duration of losing weight.

In order to build muscular bulk and to increase the fitness and strength, you should add strength training exercises well. This can be assisted by a coach or by yourself after a good research. I’m sure all of you love to go to the gym and it is motivating too. But, if you cannot find time, you may even train yourself at home. By strength training, you train your muscles as well as your bones, preventing osteoporosis.

Bend yourself too. The flexibility of your body is also another way of making sure that your body is under your control. By bending your body during exercises, you make sure that you burn fat which is stored in different corners of your body – hip, waist, abdomen, back and etc.

Supplementation during weight loss

You need to supplement yourself with proteins during the complete course of weight loss as physical exercises will cause a muscular waste. To regain the muscle bulk and to improve their strength the dietary proteins will not be sufficient enough. L-carnitine is one of the protein supplements, I use in my weight loss program. Make sure you have one tub always as home.

Coenzyme Q 10 is another famous supplement, you might have already heard about. This has many health benefits, starting from metabolism alterations to the wellbeing of your skin and all organs of the body. Even though Coenzyme Q 10 is an enzyme that participates in chemical reactions at the cellular level, its usefulness in a weight loss program is highly valued.

Also, do not forget about the vitamins and minerals. Even though you eat enough of vegetables and fruits, these supplements will make sure to balance all deficits of your body during this time of highly active metabolism. They will participate in hormone production, nerve stimulation regulation, metabolism alteration and maintaining almost all the other bodily functions. As the daily requirements of vitamins and minerals increases during our weight loss program, it is important that you supply them in the form of supplements.

Add physiological treatments to make the plan smart

As much as diet, physical training and supplementation are important in this weight loss program, the involvement of physiological treatments are also considered as a necessity. If you are dedicated enough and work on this weight loss program with a great motivation, the loss of body weight will be quite rapid. But losing weight is not the only thing that you should focus on. You should also focus on maintaining your overall appearance, mainly skin during and after the complete plan.

Cellulite, stretch marks, and other skin defects need to be healed with the use of treatments such as body wraps, different baths, steam baths, ozone therapy, vacuum cupping and body massages. These treatments help in rapid reduction of excess skin that is formed during weight loss. The burning and melting fat tissues are also drained well when the body is exposed to physical therapies such as massages and water baths. Also, these therapeutic methods will tone your skin and supply enough circulation to the subcutaneous fat stores. So their density will quickly reduce.

While you are doing this as a part of your weight loss journey, make sure you enjoy yourself as if you are enjoying the world’s best vacation.

Tips to stay motivated until the end

When you accelerate weight loss with the avoidance of unhealthy food and serious physical exercises, it is normal to get craves and desires back. The best way to avoid them is by treating your mind in a tricky way. It’s not hard and I am sure you can do this is an easy way.

Think of adding cheat meals randomly to your diet once a week or once in a fortnight. These meals can be the metabolic boosters when your metabolism is down with heavy dieting and physical exercises. Even though people think adding cheat meals will increase their craves and will demotivate them, actually, it will increase your weight loss, if you do it in the right way, with the correct mindset.

The next option is carbohydrate-protein rotations, in which you will alter the carbohydrate and protein consumption time to time. Whichever the method you chose these methods should be involved as a way of increasing the efficacy of your diet and not as a time to do a ‘real cheating’. However, when you practice cheat meals and carbohydrate-protein rotations, your brain will recognize them as a real cheat by bringing down the desire of eating tasty unhealthy food. Simply, this is all about fooling your mind while making your body work faster.

Other useful additions to support yourself

What else will help you in this journey of achieving a healthy weight? I believe the next is the involvement of software and electronic gadgets. Workouts, calories counting of diets, timetable maintaining for meals and maintaining a weight loss diary could be a lot easier when it comes to the use of digital technology. There are hundreds of software out there that is made especially to promote weight loss in the people who follow a plan of weight loss.

Software such as MyFitnessPal.com and loseit.com can be used as a place to track your whole energy consumption and waste, making it a lot easier to find out if you have consumed more or lost more calories. Also, Garmin Vivoactive sports smart-watch will help you in tracking your activeness. It can be even connected to your PC to create a weekly chart to see how you have done! The right shoes and walking sticks are also essential when it comes to walking and jogging. They will help you in preventing any injuries as well us in maintaining the right pace. I recommend all elder followers of this plan to use sticks for Nordic walking.

A timer, kitchen scale will also help you for sure. I advise that you do your own research to find out which applications, software, and electronic items will be best suitable for you in this process. Further, do not forget to take care of yourself. Even though you should look exhausted and tired at the gym after a workout, make sure you look your best when you are out at work, college or even while shopping. Make sure your looks, attitude, and personality will be a great inspiration to the others. Inspiring others will bring motivation for you to move forward and to embrace a healthy lifestyle through the help of this amazing plan.

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