The Weight Loss Percentage Calculator with Real Results

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All About The Weight Loss Percentage Calculator with Effective Results

Because your actual results can only encourage several actions taken – such as jogging, dieting or perhaps others. It could also help you stay on track and not exaggerate with anything because we do not know that any act done in excess can harm our body. It can help you set goals and achieve them step by step. This weight loss percentage calculator can be used to measure and track in different ways. For example, you could look at the number of pounds or inches you lost, percentage lost, your body composition and several others. This weight loss strategy can provide a useful method to monitor your progress regarding your goals in a very simple way.

What is a weight loss percentage calculator?

Popular television shows akin to The Biggest Loser have popularized competitive weight group strategies. Winners and losers are often determined by the Percentage opposed to that number of pounds. Why do you ask? Mainly because the heavier it is, the greater the number of calories they can burn during exercise. Therefore, more easily it is to lose weight quickly compared to thinner people. Using this weight loss percentage calculator method against some other techniques creates a fair playing field for measuring losses or gains for everyone, regardless of their weight.

How to calculate the percentage of weight loss

Really Efficient Weight Loss Percentage Calculator

Really Effective Weight Loss Percentage Calculator

The percentage of weight loss should never be a hard thing for you as you follow the steps below and apply them;

Step 1. But how do we calculate the percentage? This is a difficult math task?

No way! This is a fairly basic formula. First, you should not forget your initial weight when employing weight loss percentage calculator.

Step 2. You will need your actual weight at this point.

Now the formula goes like this: (PI-PR) / PI) * 100 = percentage of weight loss

Calculating the percentage is fairly easy to do. The next step you need to employ is to divide the number of pounds you lost to this point by the weight of which you started your plan with. Another step is to multiply the response from the first step by 100. For example, if you have lost 20 kilos and your initial weight of 250 pounds, your weight loss result would look like this (20/250 x 100 = 8% weight loss ).

Additional tools

Because obesity and being overweight are such huge issues, and there is so much interest by many people in it, you will enjoy the benefits of having options. Although we recommend that you invest to measure your slimming with a weight loss percent calculator, there are several other weight loss system that are available, and that can be tested.

The body mass index (BMI) calculates your score based on your height and weight and compares it with a standard or half figure. Body fat analyzers do exactly what the title suggests-analyze body fat. Although it is capable of producing some valuable information, these tools can sometimes be inaccurate and quite expensive.

The tape test was developed by the US Army and is a much more accurate and cheaper system compared to body fat analyzers. With a non-elastic band that measures around your waist, cars, hips and forearms and write your data on a computer generated calculator that calculates the average.

Diet and exercise weight loss

A Young Woman and a Weight Loss Percentage Calculator

A Woman and a Weight Loss Percentage Calculator

Regardless of your goals, it can and should be done in a healthy way. With the common goal of most folks to lose as much weight as possible quickly, the prospect’s quick solution plans are very intriguing. However, these methods are only short-term and in many ways unhealthy solutions.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), one pound per week should be the maximum amount of weight that is lost. Nothing else that puts you at risk to create a harmful imbalance for your metabolism and will leave you feeling an irregular amount of fatigue due to lack of calories from eating.

We accumulate fat, or we spend it, as we eat more calories than we are using or less, so that food and physical activity have to go hand in hand a little less and spending a little more. Right from this very point of view, the important thing to lose fat is not as it has been said many times to perform exercises of low intensity and long time, but to increase our caloric expenditure. This can be done in several ways according to our tastes and possibilities

We can try to spend more by increasing our daily physical activities: Go walking to sites and not by car, climb the stairs and not by the elevator, help in the tasks at Home.  Another way or perhaps method to increase caloric expenditure is to carry out activities of low intensity as well as long duration: Two hours of bike or walk, one hour to swim or to run.

The best fat burning exercises

Do you know the most appropriate exercises or perhaps the exercises to get rid of that extra fat? There is a specific routine for each purpose. I invite you to know yours below

Within the exercises destined to burn fat, we can find several. Everything depends on the taste and time of each one. Whether you prefer to do them outdoors or inside a gym, etc!

Usually, if we talk about women, the most difficult areas to eliminate fat accumulation would be, hips, thighs, abdomen, and for men preferably the abdomen.

It is important to emphasize that the best fat burning exercises or an exercise routine destined to burn fats will not be useful if you do not accompany it with a balanced diet. If you do not, just leave the intensity and regularity of the exercises the weight, and consequently, the eliminated fats will recover.

Types of exercises

Next, we will make a brief difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise. What are the two types of exercises we can do? Anaerobic exercises are of high intensity and short duration, while aerobics are exercises of medium or low intensity of long duration. In reality, within a type of exercise, both intervene, but one of them predominates.


Aerobic: walks, jogging.

Anaerobic: the lifting of weights, abdominals.

Heat input

It is essential that before the activity itself, a warm-up is performed, to increase circulation throughout the body, preparing it for the most intense exercise. In this initial stage, all joints must be mobilized, and then more specific movements related to the activity to be performed.

Burn fat

As for burning fats, there are various opinions. What is usually recommended being the training is an aerobic exercise plan to achieve weight loss, then perform anaerobic exercises that strengthen the muscles. But, lately coaches recommend more intense exercises with periods of rest, or also called intervals.

They ensure that in this way the body can burn fats more effectively.

It is also true that you should not only focus on one type of activity, as you are taking pace it would be interesting that you go combining different types of exercises.

Keep in mind that you must not obsess yourself, a body must be balanced. And it is important to remember that every weight loss exercises routine should be accompanied by a good hydration and of course also a correct diet. As much as it is necessary to balance in the feeding, it is also as far as the exercises.

 How many calories are needed to maintain weight?

Weight Loss Percentage Calculator and a Pink Colored Note

Weight Loss Percentage Calculator and a Pink Note Paper

Weight gain is directly related to the difference between ingestion and calorie expenditure during the day. Slimming or fattening is the result of simple mathematical operations. If the individual becomes fatter it is because he is ingesting more calories than he spends; If he maintains a stable weight, it is because he ingests a quantity of calories similar to his daily expenses; If you lose weight, it is because you are burning more calories than you consume. It is very simple; there is no other explanation for weight loss or gain.

The ideal amount of daily calories is different for each individual. Factors such as height, age, sex, muscle mass, daily activities, etc., influence the body’s basal caloric expenditure. However, we can estimate (pay attention in the term estimate) the average calorie expenditure of the individual throughout the day with a view to indicating an adequate calorie intake so that he can lose weight.

Normal metabolism calories consumption

It is, therefore, important to remember or keep in mind that, even at rest or sleeping, there is consumption of calories by the normal metabolism of our body, called basal energy expenditure. Keeping our heart beating, regulating body temperature, keeping our lungs running, etc., demands energy. This expense is called the basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Therefore, the total caloric expenditure during the day is the sum of the BMR plus the caloric expenditure with the routine activities. Any activity you do, no matter how small, always burns little calories. As an example, when we sleep, we spend around 10 to 15 kcal per minute. Showering spends 30 to 40 kcal per hour and 1 hour playing squash spends about 100 kcal.

How many calories are needed to maintain weight?

To know how many calories to maintain weight, it is important to note that active people with more muscle spend more calories even at rest. An athlete burns more calories by watching TV than a sedentary person. A person who goes to the gym, at least 3 times a week, spends more calories sleeping than a sedentary person. This is why exercise is so stimulated to your muscle mass if you burn calories. The more muscle a person has, the greater their basal metabolic rate.

To really lose weight at least half a kilo per week, the individual must spend an average of 500 calories more than he eats throughout the day. To lose 1 kilo per week, you need to ingest 1,000 calories less than your body’s basal expenditure. Let’s use an example to make it easier to understand (I’ll present the formulas at the end of this text).

A 50-year-old female, 1.60m tall and 100 kilograms spends an average of 1,700 calories (kcal) per day only with the basal performance of his body. If this patient is sedentary, the small daily activities raise this burn at approximately 2000 kcal a day. If the patient maintains a low level of physical activity and consumes 2000 calories a day, he will maintain his weight stable over time. If you consume more than 2000 calories a day, you will continue to gain weight.

How to lose weight really fast

In the event that you just want to lose a few pounds quickly, there are some techniques as well as tips you can follow to help you reach your short-term goals which are to lose weight really fast.

Give yourself some time to exercise should you want to lose weight really fast. Regardless of how you keep yourself busy, it is important that you make time for exercise every day if you really want to lose weight and not regain it. Even small things, such as walking instead of driving to the store, can influence how quickly you lose weight.

Exercise while doing household chores. Climb the stairs as often as you can, walk the dog three times a day and shake, sweep and mop briskly.

Increase the number of steps you take. Make Use the stairs always instead of the elevator and station as far away from the store as possible.

Start doing a hobby that involves moving a little, even though it does not seem to be exercise properly. Gardening, small projects, working with cars or playing with animals are excellent ways to burn calories.

What about exercising?

Try a circuit training or exercise program. If you are making an effort to lose weight really fast and quickly for a particular event and you do not mind regaining lost weight, you can try a condensed exercise routine. Many women’s and health magazines, as well as personal trainers, offer similar condensed training routines designed to maximize weight loss and make weight loss visible within a few days of starting the regimen.

Be realistic about the very kind of exercise you could do while starting a new program. If you expect to lose weight and not regain it, you will have to do more than just a condensed exercise program. The best way to start exercising is by choosing exercises that you will actually do and enjoy.

Different kinds of exercise

If you do not like running, do not be your main form of exercise because you would need a lot more motivation every day than if you chose an exercise that you actually enjoy. Instead, try different exercises to find a few that you really like, such as swimming, biking or perhaps even Zumba.

Keep in mind and always remember that games such as volleyball, tennis and even Frisbee can help you burn calories while having the most fun, so exercise is a fun and social activity that you will want to enjoy every day.

Start a cardiovascular workout. For best results, moderate and high-intensity aerobic exercise is the best form of cardio training.

While combining cardiovascular and resistance training is important for overall body health, cardiovascular training is what will help you lose weight really fast or perhaps quickly. Resistance training with weight will not help you lose weight right away, but it can make your metabolism use energy more efficiently.

Make your exercise routine still interesting. Variety is the key to encouraging you to have a healthier life and to keep you motivated. If you do the same exercises every day, you run a greater risk of injury. You are also more likely to get bored, so it will be harder to find the motivation to continue exercising. If you are in the gym, change machines, participate in a gym class and add some resistance training to your routine.

Keep heart healthy

Perform low-impact aerobic activities. Moderate aerobic exercises, incorporating light-weight walks, cycling, aerobic machines or swimming, not only burn calories but also keep the heart healthy

Lift a little weight. Resistance training and weight training can help both men and women stay lean because it builds muscles and speeds up metabolism. Weight loss strategies that incorporate aerobics and weight training significantly increase calorie burning.

Choose exercises that require the whole body to exert effort. Rest for at least 24 hours to 48 hours between each strength training session of the same muscle group; and take 1 or 2 days of rest each week! In this way, you exercise all muscle groups and burn calories with more muscles at the same time; as if you were doing several tasks at the same time with exercise.

For example: combine a form of resistance training with your arms (try lifting small weights over your head while doing another exercise) while running or cycling.

Lose weight calculator

Want to know the calories you eat and need to eat to lose weight? Or what type and what intensity of exercise should you follow to achieve it? Now they have it much easier: The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) Just activated an online tool that determines the exact number of calories and the amount of exercise we need to follow to achieve the goals.

The weight loss exact percentage calculator is called the Body Weight Planner. It asks about some key aspects: weight, sex, age and height, common parameters when designing a diet. But it also incorporates information about the latest research on physical exercise to further customize the plan and thus determines the level of physical activity on a scale of 1.4 (sedentary) to 2.5 (very active). Once you have entered the desired weight and the date on which you want to achieve it, draw up a personalized plan for each person.

At first, it was a research tool. But many wanted to use this Lose weight calculator for their weight control. So it was adapted by including more information about how to achieve a healthy lifestyle, says Kevin Hall, one of the creators of the tool And an NIH researcher, in a news release.

Not all physical exercises are equal

The said calculator goes further than thinning plans. In addition to asking what amount of weight you want to lose, it asks for information on how we are going to increase our physical activity. Also it tells us what kind of exercise, how much, how often and what level of intensity we must do to achieve the desired goals. For example, it is not the same ‘ jogging ‘ as an intense swimming program. The addition of a routine to run the light is not the same as from intense swimming. For the tool, not all physical exercise is the same.

The final result reports three variables. The daily number of calories you will have to eat to maintain your current weight; the calories you need to reach your desired weight at the specified time; and the calories you must consume to maintain it.

And, once achieved, the NIH recommends using SuperTracker. It’s a food planning tool developed by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). It’s created to design a meal plan based on calorie content statistics. Or, if you prefer, you can go to a food expert, but you have no excuse.

Goals that keep you motivated

Very short-term goals, such as losing 2 sizes in a couple of weeks, are usually not as effective as the desire to feel more confident or healthier. Setting achievable goals (for example, losing 1/2 kilo a week) will help you avoid episodes of frustration and help you focus on the many benefits you will reap once you are healthier and thinner.

Use tools to help you monitor your progress

Keep a food diary and be patient once a week (not every day!). Recording every gram and centimeter you lose will help you see black and white results and keep you motivated.

Always keep in mind that it might take you some experimentation to find the right diet for your body. It is very vital that you feel satisfied so that you can move forward on a long-term basis. If one diet does not work for you, try another and another. There are many ways to lose weight. The key is to find a scheme that works for you.


One of the most important but overlooked things to consider when losing weight is your process of focus and thinking. Focusing your efforts on creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is much more important than concentrating on shedding pounds. The answer is a solid exercise plan and healthy diet that catered to your specific needs. Apart from these two aspects, it will help you keep a record of your workouts and percentages of losses in a logbook. Documentation will ensure personal responsibility and help motivate you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Now you can see that it’s pretty basic – but a lot of openness. For example, you could check and measure your weight once a week; and then create an Excel spreadsheet that instantly calculates the percentage of weight loss for you. This can help you keep track of your progress. Also it can be a booster of the actual motivation as I mentioned previously.

With this very style, you can also create a weight loss percentage calculator chart – actually drawing your progression at certain points. Well, if you understood correctly how this works, one can conclude that now you know how to calculate the percentage of weight loss. If that is not the case, try to reread the article more carefully and you will get there.


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