You might have discovered that it’s best to eat many small meals through the entire day to maintain your metabolism up. Nonetheless, this really is a myth. Studies in people who consumed the same number of calories in two meals versus seven meals found no difference in calories burned between the two groups. Controlled studies have shown that eating many small meals does not result in greater weight loss, compared to eating three or fewer meals per day.

What’s more, regular snacking after weight loss surgery was linked to decreased weight loss six months following the process. The primary issue with snacking or eating several small meals is the fact that you frequently wind up have too many calories.

Bottom Line: It’s a myth that eating many small meals fosters metabolism in comparison with eating fewer but bigger meals. Increased eating frequency doesn’t enable you to shed weight.

8. Focus on Calories Only

While a calorie deficit is necessary for weight reduction, calorie consumption is simply a section of the story. The kind of food you eat has a tremendous effect on hunger, desire and also the hormones that control your weight. These can impact your capability to attain the significant calorie shortfall.

For example, eating a 100-calorie pack of pretzels isn’t a superb thought because it’s made of processed carbs.These can raise blood sugar levels, cause hunger and lead to overeating. By comparison, getting the same number of calories from a high-protein food, for example, an oz of cheese, results in hormone changes which cause increased fullness along with a decrease in hunger. Also, protein has a higher thermic effect than either carbs or fat, meaning it burns more calories during digestion.

Studies have shown that calorie consumption frequently spontaneously decreases when carbs are controlled, and that weight loss is greater on low-carb diets when compared with low-fat diets. Eventually, even if calories were the sole thing that mattered, it’s quite hard to estimate how many you’re eating accurately. One study found that individuals with obesity underestimated their actual caloric consumption by 47%, on average.

Updated: April 26, 2017 Author: Dmitrii
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