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This series of articles is written for smart and determined people who don’t need another “wonderful” cure but really want to get their physique back in the right shape.

In these articles I will tell you all the details of a wholesome and balanced lifestyle: healthy diet, physical activity and psychological aspects.

I’m going to share with you the secrets of my own weight loss system which helped me shed many kilograms. If you have truly decided to go through this program, then you’ll need to be really self-disciplined, persistent and strong-willed to keep on following all the instructions and do it the right way.

The Weight Balance Slimming System. Introduction

In these article series, I have systematized all the experience I got when I was trying to slim down. During the last 10 years, I’ve tried nearly every existing weight loss system and finally made up my own program which has drastically changed my body and life. In this period, my weight dramatically increased and decreased several times from 150 kg (331 lb) to 90 kg (198 lb)  and it was my strong determination that helped me stay on track towards my dream – health and harmony.

You can read the full article here: 

The importance of motivation

Our thoughts are material. If you have set a clear goal and go towards it no matter what comes in your way, then your organism will adjust accordingly. For instance, when you truly want to slim down, the body produces the right kind of hormones and enzymes which destroy the deposits of body fat and diminish your food cravings.

The way to the dream body starts with establishing the goal and acquiring motivation. Motivation is extremely important for anybody, because it’s the key to success in anything. There are people who manage to stay on the same diet for years, but their results differ. Those who really have got rid of the annoying extra kilograms and changed beyond recognition, confessed that their motivation had always been hard as a rock.

You can read more about motivation, its huge role and ways of motivating yourself here:

Importance ratio of motivation, diet and activity depending on the person’s age

I’ve spent many long years fighting with obesity. And, based on my personal experience and tons of weight loss books, I’ve figured out the importance ratio of motivation, diet and activity depending on the person’s age.

This diagram will help you understand on what you should concentrate your attention and energy. Use my experience and focus on the most important thing!

Stage 1. Taking a U-turn

General information. Goals and objectives

The primary goals of the first stage are to make bowel activity normal and to raise protein absorption quotient, because protein is the most crucial element for maintaining your muscular bulk. For it, we have to temporarily discharge the intestines by restricting the protein and fat consumption to a minimal physiological norm. After that, we have to stimulate the bowel activity with the help of dietic fiber and also normalize the balance of bifidobacteria which facilitate proteins absorption.

We have the next goals:

  • Getting rid of fats by walking, which should be an everyday aerobic activity. If you don’t walk every single day, there’ll be no effect.
  • Normalizing metabolism – you shouldn’t accelerate or improve it, just bring it to its primary level which you had in your youth.

You can read more general information about the Stage 1 here:

Nutrition characteristics

Many people think it’s easier to convert somebody to another religion than to convince him/her alter his food habits. On the first phase, you have to make the basis for your wholesome nutrition.

Let’s start by drastically decreasing the consumption of meat and fish to the lowest physiological norm. In addition to that, we use mainly vegetable oils to balance the intestines activity and to raise the coefficient of protein absorption. But you shouldn’t stop eating proteins and fats at all! Your overall protein consumption should not be less than 50 g per day!

You can read more about the Stage 1 nutrition characteristics here:

Physical activities

On the first stage, the main physical activity should be walking. Walking is an aerobic kind of exercising. It works best when done in the morning. Before walking, drink a glass of water. You should do it on an empty stomach. In case you walk in the evening, don’t eat anything for at least an hour before the exercise.

You can read more about the Stage 1 physical activities here:

Daily schedule

So, you’ve read about the diet and activities of the first stage. But what your entire daily routine should look like? How should you organize it to make this phase maximally efficient? In my slimming program, you can find the answer too. I’ve made an everyday plan for this part of the Weight Balance system, where you may read all the details about the things to do during the day and their particular order. Therefore, you’ll be able to organize yourself much easier!

You can read more about the Stage 1 daily schedule here:

Stage 2. Acceleration

General information. Goals and objectives

The primary goal of this stage is to get back to your optimal physiological weight.

But it’s not only that! If you’ve managed to go through the first stage, then your determination is definitely as hard as a rock. Before you begin the second stage, you should establish your ultimate objective – your dream weight you will be totally satisfied with.

On the first stage we stopped and turned back the growth of excessive weight. Now we have to speed up our “train set”, which is a bit overloaded and renovated, towards our desired goal – a fit, skinny body, harmony and happiness.

How long is this stage? It depends on your weight before starting this program. The excessive weight may differ greatly, for example, from 5 to 50 kilograms (10 – 100 pounds).

You can read more general information about the Stage 2 here:

Weight loss plateau. What to do with it?

It’s important to say that the first serious issues may appear during the second stage of the Weight Balance system. One of such issues is that the more kilograms you shed, the slower you slim down. So, if you see that the speed of the process is decreasing, you probably stop beleving in success and lose your motivation. This is more common for men than for women. Sometimes all people who follow this program will reach a standstill called the weight loss plateau, when the organism gets so tired of coping with the excessive weight that it simply refuses to lose even a little bit more and ignores all your attempts. So, what can you do with it?

You can read more about the weight loss plateau here:, here: and here:

Nutrition characteristics

At stage 2 you’re given more flexibility in some personal deviations from this system. You may adjust the main parts of the second stage to your customs and life conditions. For instance, if you must have water and vegetables for dinner due to your health issues, you can prepare soup out of them with some bran as crispy croutons.

Your everyday menu should include cabbage, cucumbers, radish, onion, garlic, spinach, parsley, lettuce, apples and pears, citrus fruit (especially grapefruit), blackberry, arrowwood berries, raspberry, blueberry and lingberry, cedar nuts, walnuts, almond nuts, low-fat fermented dairy products.

Also, you can eat almost all fruits that you like, but please, don’t forget about apples. Include different kinds of fruit into your ration, but remember about the season factor: it’s best to consume fruits in their due season. If possible, choose fruits from your geographic area.

You should avoid only bananas and grapes. They have very high sugar content that provokes a quick boost of insulin in your blood.

You can read more about the Stage 2 nutrition characteristics here:

Physical activities

At the second stage, if you can, you should change the training routine a bit by introducing the acceleration part. This kind of interval exercising with varying speed is more efficient for healthy slimming than long walks with constant intensity.

For instance, you can do fast-paced walking with elements of jogging (100 meters of jogging and then 200-300 meters of walking). It will help you maintain your heart rate within the aerobic zone and burn fat as effectively as possible. Nowadays there are lots of varieties of special fitness watches and trackers of pulse.

Try not to exceed the higher limit of the aerobic zone. You can define it with the help of the next formula: 180 minus your age. For instance, if you’re 50 years old, then your upper aerobic zone limit will be 130 beats per minute, and so, the best heart rate range for burning fat will be 120-130 beats per minute. By adding elements of slow jogging into walking you can keep your heart rate within the limits of this zone and get the biggest fat-burning output from your morning exercises.

You can read more about the Stage 2 physical activities here:

In this video I am 53 years old. I feel much better than 15 years ago

Daily schedule

During the second weight loss stage, the everyday schedule changes a little. This article is mainly about the dietary suggestions and tips. What is better to eat for breakfast, dinner and supper to slim down most efficiently in this phase? What is the best and healthiest menu? Which nutritional supplements should you add to your diet? You’ll find the answers here:

Stage 3. Completion and adaptation

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the final stage. Your strong will can be envied. If you’ve finished the first two steps, the third one won’t be very difficult for you. During this stage you complete the whole program – but don’t suppose you may return to your previous lifestyle. Now, your way of life should be altered for good, and you’ll have to adapt to it. But don’t be afraid! If you’re a strong person (and you definitely are – because only those who are really strong manage to get to this point), you’ll surely do it! Good luck!

You can read more general information about the Stage 3 here:

Sport nutrition and supplements

In this weight loss system it’s strongly advised to take different nutritional supplements. Of course, only those which cause no harm to the body. Supplements can make the slimming process faster and easier, and also, provide the vitamins and minerals that are necessary for your health. In addition to that, the right supplements will give you the extra energy for exercising. So, what supplements are the best for you? You can read about them here:

Software, gadgets and accessories

Now there are thousands of programs, apps and gadgets which are specally designed for fitness and weight loss. I think it’s reasonable to divide them into the next categories:

  • Internet services. I think the best one is
  • Smartphone apps. I recommend My Fitness Pal and Garmin Connect.
  • Personal gadgets. My favorite ones are Garmin Vivoactive sports smartwatch and iPhone 6.

You can select any apps and gadgets you may prefer. Read more about the best and most comfortable ones (in my opinion) here:

Supportive practices

This weight loss system has some supportive practices which can help you during your slimming journey and make it even healthier. For example, it’s great to take a contrast shower every evening. It stimulates the blood circulation and tones the muscles of your skin. During a shower, it’s recommended to massage your most problem skin places with a hard loofah and channeled water sprays. Also, any moderate physical activity such as prickling, stroking and patting will help you balance your blood flow in the needed places. In addition to that, it would be awesome to take a bath with sea salt minimum one time a week. And there’s much more! The full list of these practices you can read here:

BONUS. Fat-burning strength training program

Stunning appearance and a skinny body demonstrate the wellness of any person. And who does not wish to be healthy and successful?

What to do if just before the beginning of the beach season you have found some unwanted features of your body? The clothing industry hasn’t yet offered a swimsuit which can hide all the minuses of one’s physique. But don’t be upset, achieving an awesome body shape is something you definitely can do! Believe me, I know what I mean! This is my real strategy to get rid of extra kilograms, and it has been firmly proven by my own personal experience!

This awesome fat-burning strength training program can help anyone, even the most ordinary person, get the body of his or her dreams, just like from fashion magazine covers – and do it in 2-3 months! You may not believe it now, but if you follow this program, you’ll achieve the body shape that will be envied by everyone around you. But nothing comes easy, and to do that, you have to follow the rules of this program strictly and discipline yourself. Many of you will feel lazy and probably will want to stop it all, but you should overcome it and move on. Struggle with yourself may be the toughest struggle – but the result will definitely worth it. Stay motivated, and never forget: you’re stronger than you think!

You can read everything about this program here:

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