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Hello, my name is Dmitrii. This is my own photos and my own system.

Every year at least 4 million people die from overweight- or obesity-related causes.

Over 300 billion dollars is spent annually on treatment of obesity-related diseases. One dollar invested in sports and balanced nutrition leads to a 100-dollar savings in the form of overweight prevention.

I have lost 100 lb and got into a great shape in just 5 months

No exhausting diets and limitations. It is not as hard as it sounds - all you need to do is just stick to my system.

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My "WEIGHT BALANCE" weight loss system proves to be effective starting from the first few weeks

The Weight Balance System will help you get rid of thatextra weight once and for all and bring the quality of life to a whole new level.

Make your weight drop after just a few days of the system application

Save your time and enrich your knowledge with tips you can fully trust

Improve your social and business standing

Enhance your body composition and overall wellness

Keep your money from being spent on treating diseases connected with obesity

Get a new, brilliant and vibrant lifestyle

Hundreds of people all over the world

have put their trust in the Weight Balance System because it is a magnificent tool for a comprehensive understanding of the everyday processes occurring in your body.

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Dmitrii Sh


The advantage of my system named “The Weight Balance” is that you can apply it at once after getting it. I've made my book in PDF format, and you can receive it by Instant Download.

I was developing my system for some years, trying different things and learning from my mistakes. Its standard cost for my buyers is $92. Every day, I see more and more requests from people about my system. I don't want a high price to be the obstacle on your way to a healthy and beautiful body, so I decided to lower its cost drastically from $92 to only $45.

I'd like to say that $45 is your investment in a healthy and happy life. You'll save the money which could have been spent on treating diseases connected to obesity. It's way less than spending on gym memberships or at least one lesson with a personal trainer.

But none of the trainers will refund you the money spent, but I promise 100% money-back if you don't achieve serious results during the first three weeks of work according to my program.

Nevertheless, at this moment I’d like to focus not on the fact that I managed to lose weight myself, but on what I know that can help you do it, too.

I'll be truly glad to get your stories of success in applying my system. Please, send your comments, wishes, reviews, suggestions and success stories to

The Weight Balance System Advantage

The Weight Balance System provides a serious advantage to those who choose to apply it in their everyday life. This system brings great results in areas where other diets or slimming approaches proves to be pointless. In other words, this is one of the most effective tools which you can get from the Internet. If you are looking for a way to lose weight through balanced nutrition without fasting then this is a great solution. Once you have completed all the stages of the system by careful compliance with all itsprescriptions you are bound to become a slimmer and well-balanced person.

Here are some of the advantages of the Weight Balance System:

You will not have to fast or constantly force yourself to any limitations

You remain free in your choice of food and in structuring your own correct food intake

You get healthy and balance nutrition in required quantities

At the first stage you will not have to burden yourself with calculations of total calorie intake or breaking it down into the right amounts of proteins, vitamins, minerals or vegetable fibers.

Main system

Just for $45

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The Weight Balance System is not timeconsuming.

My system enables comprehensive understanding of everything that you do. The result is that you quickly learn to determine your own daily diet and exercise. Give it just 2 or 3 weeks of practice and your weight loss process will effortlessly switch to "autopilot" mode.


No need to search by trial and error for your own special system.

I have spent hours and days without number, looking for my own path. I have tried virtually everything, from a 21-day fasting to every imaginable diet and therapeutic procedure. In the end my path has led me to establishing a very simple and balanced system which provides maximum effect in painless loss of weight and helps stay on track once your normal weight level has been achieved. Application of my system saves a great deal of your time. Bringing my weight to a normal level has given me lots of other benefits which I never knew existed. My life has changed remarkably making my boldest dreams come true.

Mike Stern


"I came across the Weight Balance System four years ago and ever since it has been a solid part of my life. Not only did I lose weight and get my body back in wonderful shape. Life has brought me gifts I had not even dreamed about. I was able to reduce the duration of my sleep, yet I now think and act a lot faster, and I cannot remember the last time I felt fatigued. I have become increasingly successful in business which is due to this new level of my physical and mental well-being."

What can you benefit from the application of the Weight Balance System?


Simplify your weight-losing process.

Nowadays you can find information about thousands of weight losing approaches and innumerable diet plans which brings great importance to the issue of making the right choice. The Weight Balance System provides an enhanced tool for understanding the processes your body goes through when you begin your journey towards normal weight. This means that you are the one who can control the effectiveness of your weight-losing process and prevent it from becoming overly time-consuming.

The Weight Balance System will help you to:

  • Build up your own optimum health plan for your everyday life;
  • Establish necessary habits for a healthy lifestyle within a short period of time;
  • Learn to determine on sight the necessary quantity and quality of your food intake and the degree of your physical exercise;
  • Lose weight without fasting or any other limitations of your nutrition.

The Weight Balance System can help you maintain and improve your own health as well as the health of your friends and family.


Get down to basics of what you eat on the daily basis.

In order to obtain maximum results from the application of my system, you need to understand what you eat as well as the composition and the quality of your food intake.

Any food we consume has a variety of characteristics which can be rather hard to compare and analyze for anyone who has not tackled this task before. In my book, you will find the required criteria and precise recommendations for your food selection process. You will be able to evaluate your previous nutrition habits and determine which food is right for you.

The ability to evaluate the food you consume is key to success in losing weight. This ability will greatly enhance your chance to apply this system correctly and to build up your own personal expertise in this area. Every aspect of your nutrition plan will be applied with maximum precision and usefulness. From the great variety of food products, you will be able to select the ones which are truly good for you.

Many people turn to the Internet to look for various healthy nutrition practices and approaches. Application of my system will help you to reduce the time for building up your own nutrition plan and base your food selection process not on intuition but rational thought and knowledge. At the same time, you will not be limited in any way in your choice and can consider the great variety of food products.

Since the Weight Balance System provides reliable knowledge for determining the right products for your daily diet, you will be able to draw up various menus for your everyday use entirely on your own.

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Maintain your normal weight and a healthy body for the rest of your life.

90% of the people who have undertaken a journey to normal weight later either slip back to the weight they have started with or even manage to gain more weight in the long run. My system will give you the required knowledge and skills which will prevent you from making the same mistakes over and over again.

Only a comprehensive approach to losing weight can bring positive results. The two pillars of my system are: exercise and nutrition. I have not invented the wheel but merely put an order to a massive amount of the available data and built a system which I tried and tested continuously on myself. Many people who have used my system for losing weight told me that they have added their own features and characteristics to it which did not make it any worse.

The Weight Balance System provides you with reliable tools and skills to stay on track and never to get back to being fat. You can do this on your own. You can change your body as well as your mind. My system's unique advantages help it stand out among thousands of other slimming systems and diets.


Reveal the true causes of your excess weight.

We often attempt to get rid of the ultimate consequence - obesity - without even stopping to consider its causes. Whereas the correct way is to determine the cause and consequently define the required motivation - only then we can hope to have any success in the process of bring one's weight to normal.

The Weight Balance System has the following two features which help to work out the right and effective solution.



We start by determining the inner causes behind our excessive weight. The correct analysis of causes boosts your chances of successfulcompletion of the Weight Balance system by 50 per cent. We will consider all the possible causes and choose only the true ones. Winning is easy once you have studied your opponent.



Proper motivation is a powerful boost to success of the weight losing process. There is a vast variety of types of motivation, ranging from true to false. We will determine our true motivation before we proceed to achieve our goals.


Improve the quality of your well-being and develop a happier and healthier lifestyle.

As you progress through the Weight Balance System you become increasingly aware of all the aspects of a healthy lifestyle until finally you start to view it as an integral part of your natural behavior patterns.

Indeed, the risk of returning to the overweight state will always be there. Yet, for instance, there is also a huge risk which you take every time you drive a car. Sometimes it is nothing more than just a few inches which separate your car from those rushing past in the opposite direction. A deviation of just a few feet can lead to a collision with deadly consequences. Thus you literally risk your life every time you drive a car regardless of the duration of your trip. But you still choose to drive almost every day and remain intact. The reason behind this is that you develop perspective and gain experience. Since you will be gaining perspective and experience as you mastermy system the weight losing process itself will not look any more dangerous than a trip by car on Sunday. You know that to stay safe you have to be familiar with the car you drive, use the right tools if there is a need for any repairs, and in general have a proper approach to driving. Everything that you will read about in my book concerns this very principle: a clear perspective and a proper approach to employing the right tools.

The Weight Balance System offers more effective tools and knowledge


You can save a considerable amount of time and money.

There is no need to go into detailed analysis because it is fairly obvious - overweight and obesity greatly increase the risk of many health problems whose treatment can be very expensive.

By purchasing my Weight Balance System, you will not just get a reliable and thoroughly tested method of solving many obesity-related health problems, but you will be able to considerably improve your financial well-being.

  • Your money savings in regards to all kinds of obesity-related health problems are just beyond imagination;
  • You will be able to substantially reduce your food shopping expenditures
  • Healthy people are much more likely to get new and better jobs
  • You will be immensely surprised to see the gifts which are likely to come your way after you wonderful transformation;

Every time I look back upon my life just a few years ago I become terrified and tell myself that I will not return to it ever again. I have created my system with great love and care and I want to help everyone who is looking for a way to make that change in his or her life. But as you know we all live in a material world so proliferation and promotion of my system will not be possible without funding.

What makes the Weight Balance System so special?

There is a great many different systems, diets and exercises which are aimed to help lose weight. Some of them bring good results in the weight losing process. But only a few actually provide knowledge and skills required for maintaining your normal weight once it has been reached.

The Weight Balance System provides information and guidance on how to get maximum results from every aspect of your struggle against overweight and obesity. In other words, in addition to saving money you also enjoy a high payoff from your investments in your own health.

Why purchase the Weight Balance System today? Here are the reasons:

The clock is ticking!

You cannot afford to wait if you are overweight or obese because time is not on your side. People tend to fall for the idea that it is not the right time, it is best to wait, etc. They say things like "I'll start losing weight in summer, or when I go on vacation, when I find a new job, when I get a raise, then, of course, I... It is like making a rough copy of one's life, as if you keep looking forward to hitting the big time and keep dreaming of the future where you will surely be enjoying your life to the fullest. The trouble with such philosophy is that time slips away while you keep waiting for your big chance. So seize the opportunity, start right here, right now, because that's the only way to enjoy your life as much as possible!

The first good results will not keep you waiting.

If you follow the basic recommendations of my slimming method, you are bound to see the first results in 1-3 weeks. I cannot make an exact estimate of how much weight you will lose in kilograms. This will depend on your personal characteristics - physiology, motivation, mentality and many other factors. But let me tell you this: this system does work if you stay on track and pursue your goal. It is also hard to predict how much time it may take you to get to your desired weight in the long run. A lot will depend on the level you start with. But you are guaranteed to see the first results quickly!

The cost of the Weight Balance System pays off time and time again.

Statistics show that a timely investment in disease prevention for as little as one dollar helps save as much as six dollars on average on further treatment or 18 dollars if you consider sanatorium and spa treatment, or 30-dollar savings on medical rehabilitation, or 42-dollar savings on physical fitness and sports, or 60-dollar savings on balanced nutrition. Just think about it - one dollar saves you 60 dollars! If you consider the last two factors in combination that your savings will reach the amount of 102 dollars just for a dollar investment!!

There is no risk!

The whole system is based on the harmonious process of getting back to your normal weight. There is no fasting, no devastating diets, magical pills and other nonsense which hundreds of selfrighteous health preachers try to feed us on a daily basis. There are just three cornerstones: balanced nutrition, physical exercise and motivation. Even if you stop halfway, the distance you have covered will have an immensely positive effect on your body. At the very least you can naturally cleanse your body from the wastes and toxins and will most likely get much more physically fit

In view of this, I can safely say that the Weight Balance System is a reliable and effectivetool for losing weight and fighting against obesity

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Just for $45

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