The Weight Balance Slimming System. Introduction

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This post is the part 1 of The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide

The Weight Balance. Raising the quality of life to a whole new level!

In this article series, I have systematized all the knowledge I gained while trying to lose weight. Over the last 10 years, I’ve tried and tested almost all weight loss systems known to mankind and finally established my own system which has remarkably changed my body as well as my life. As these years passed, my weight dramatically changed back and forth several times from 150 kg (331 lb) to 90 kg (198 lb)  and it was my inborn tenacity that kept me on track towards my long-awaited goal – to live a balanced and healthy life.

I became financially secure, traveled across half the globe, learnt several languages, got rid of several seemingly incurable diseases, dramatically changed my line of work, moved to a country of my dreams pursuing a free and vibrant lifestyle and even found my true love…  I could go on forever with this since the heavens keep sending me lovely surprises every day.

This book is intended for a reasonable and thoughtful reader who isn’t just looking for another miraculous diet but is seriously set on getting his or her body back in the right shape. Over the course of the book, we will cover all the aspects of a healthy and balanced lifestyle: wholesome nutrition, physical exercise, state of mind and emotional disposition.

If you have really made up your mind to go all the way, then you will need all the will power and persistence you can get in order to follow the author’s recommendations and instructions.

I am not a dietitian but I’ve met dozens of them in my life, you may take my word for it. I have visited all kinds of medical nutrition therapists in my life, sometimes things got better (although only temporarily), sometimes not, but in the end it became clear to me that the only person who really cares about my well-being is me.

I have met all kinds of specialists, talked at length to all types of experts, read and tried all the books and techniques I could find. At this point, I am absolutely sure that modern medicine is a form of monopoly on all health-related issues including that of excessive weight.

Money rules the world and doctors at large are motivated by profit which means that a patient can get proper medical care only after his doctor has gained the intended profit.   Just pause for a moment to think about various price lists you may have seen at health clinics. Doctor office visits, treatment and medications all have a fixed price but the trouble is that all people (including me and you) are different.  We cannot be standardized based on pro-forma pricelists.

Any doctor will at first think: “What can I get from the patient?” as opposed to “How can I help him?” The same goes for throngs of “gurus” like massage therapists, healers, fitness club coaches, etc. who preach at us from TV screens, social networks, blogs, and so forth.  What strikes me as odd about such experts is that the majority of them are under 30 years old. They concoct batches of books with titles along the lines of “10 quick ways to lose weight” despite the fact that none of them has ever lost a single extra pound!

When this realization dawned on me, I began to listen to my inner self, my mind, my perceptions and my body in general. For me, it turned out to be the only path which helped me achieve peace and harmony with my inner self.

What is most important for me now is not the fact that I managed to lose weight myself, but that now I know how to help you do it too.

A conscious necessity

If we look at search engine requests then we’ll see that phrase “How to lose weight quickly” is more than a thousand times more popular than “How to lose weight correctly”. It is no surprise that the healthcare market conforms to people’s demands.

Furthermore, the way I see it, all existing and actively promoted weight loss techniques starting with a surgical intervention and ending with the implantation of a “gold needle” in one’s earlobe, as well as all types of psychotherapies and hypnosis practices are aimed at merely one result, that is the elimination of the main sign of a complicated health problem – namely, the excess weight – with no concern for its causes.

This is a kind of mass production with a single purpose: make you lose the excess body weight as quickly as possible and make money out of it. With this purpose in mind, we can’t but give credit to it because it does the job fairly well with all things considered.

So what happens next? Why do all such methods and approaches provide nothing but a temporary relief? Let’s try to make an estimate here by way of analogy. This “mass production” approach is similar to an attempt to collect water gushing from a burst pipe.

You do understand that you won’t be able to collect the spilled water until you have turned off the tap. Yet you keep mopping the wet floor while water keeps leaking. The same can be said about our problem at hand: many people continue their hopeless fight against the symptoms of their disease – namely, the excess weight – without ever considering its causes.

This is like taking headache drugs time and time again without even thinking about the reasons for your headache. Yet there could be a variety of reasons for your pain and each reason requires a different type of medication/treatment. Treat the patient, not the disease! Don’t fight the symptoms but identify and eliminate the causes!

None of the existing weight loss programs, systems or diets is encouraging enough for anyone to cardinally alter the conditions which triggered not the development of obesity itself but those changes in the body which consequently manifested themselves in excessive weight. Such programs, systems or diets do not identify and eliminate the causes behind the development of obesity. On the contrary, the “weight loss industry” is centered around one purpose: “We’ll get you to lose weight in no time at all!”

Do you think this is profitable to the industry players? Yet don’t they seem to be acting in your best interests here? As it is true for any market structure, supply here is determined by demand. Let’s get back to the fact that the phrase “How to lose weight quickly” is the most popular internet inquiry across all the search engines.

Some people go as far as literally torturing themselves in their search for the most effective ways to get rid of their body fat. Some even begin to fast.

I have good news for you though – you won’t have to fast since I have been down that road and did it for you. I have completed a 21-day fasting program. For twenty-one days I did not eat anything but drank only water. Yet during that period I kept regular working hours and walked for about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) every day.

On the 10th day of my fasting, my friends started telling me that I looked increasingly worse. Upon completion of my two-month fasting, I lost 50 kilograms. Sadly, my weight bounced back to its original level within the next 8 months.

I won’t go into details of all the fun I had while fasting. My advice is – don’t try this at home!  My system will make your transition to your comfortable weight level as smooth and harmonious as possible.

Now let’s head to the core. Just give it a thought: do you really regard the excessive weight as your problem? The excessive weight is merely a symptom or a consequence, for that matter. The primary cause for it is that for some reason your food consumption exceeds the needs of the body or the consumed food is not digested properly. Hence two principal and traditional questions which will determine the final result: why do you keep doing that and how can you change it.

If you look back upon the past years of your life, you will probably agree with me that your past life, in all its diversity has been the cause of the current health problems you experience today. Undoubtedly, you can put this process on hold with the help of any approach to weight loss which is available at the moment. You can even get rid of your excess weight once and for all. But please don’t forget!

If you do not eliminate the cause for the increasingly harmful condition in the body, then you will not be able to keep the attained normal weight.

What’s next?

In the next article, you’ll learn about motivation, its huge importance in weight loss, the right and not-so-right types of motivation, and how to motivate yourself effectively!

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What do you think about it? I would be very grateful if you share your opinion in comments!

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