Top 5 Most Affordable Gyms in the U.S.

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Most Affordable Gyms

When you want to get a full gym experience with all the benefits it can get you, take a look at the most affordable gyms in the U.S. They do not only provide the most up-to-date equipment, but also comfort and guidance from some of the most knowledgeable trainers. We have to face the fact that searching for the perfect gym can take up a lot of time.

Fitness Membership Fee is a great resource for fitness passes and gym memberships. It can help you decide which is the most appropriate gym for you. This website also offers you plenty of alternatives if you are looking for discounts. Some of the most affordable gyms in America are incredibly huge, with a large capacity of members. You can forget about those gyms developed in large, airless warehouses and enjoy the luxury of these incredible gyms.

1. The Sports Club/ LA

This chain has quickly expanded during the last ten years, opening new gyms in Boston, Washington D.C., New York City, Miami and San Francisco. The center in Washington D.C. is one of the largest ones, being bigger than 100,000 square feet. This gym uses all this space for over 100 classes that take place there every week.

Furthermore, the gym also features a squash court and a basketball court along with an outdoor roof deck. This fitness center also offers partnerships with local restaurants, promoting a healthy lifestyle and incredible diets can help the members stay in shape. Do not hesitate to sign up for a gym membership.

2. David Barton Gym

We move on to another gym also located in Washington D.C. called David Barton Gym. This center is in Bellevue and it is famous for being a trendy workout spot. Your card membership would include the services of DJ on the gym floor and valet parking.

How great would it be to work out on a stationary bike as you listen to the DJ’s mixes? Just think about it. For only $125 per month, you can benefit from using different gym equipment and many other services. This fancy workout spot will help you get out of your comfort zone and try out a healthy way of living.

3. E at Equinox

An even fancier workout spot is Equinox. This high-end gym has high-end secret clubs at two of its locations. This chain of gyms stretches all over America, having centers in Boston, California, New Jersey, Florida, New York, Connecticut, Chicago, Boston and Canada. Not everyone can be a member of this incredible gym. The private club has a capacity of 200 members.

Furthermore, this place offer workout clothes for every member, making sure they are laundered and folded by the next time they visit the gym. Specialized trainers will be there to help you reach your goal, developing routines that suit you and your lifestyle, both regarding diets and workouts. You will also gain access to a private golf coach.

4. The Madison Square Club

This gym is famous because of the celebrity trainer David Kirsch. This gym’s capacity reaches 600 members. Besides the fact that the location is huge, it also has a minimal, soft design. Another advantage for all those who are members of the gym is take-away healthy meals. A chef cooks delicious dishes, encouraging a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Members of this incredible workout spot benefit from a wide range of services. The staff is very dedicated to their clientele, caring for each and every member. For a monthly membership, one would need to pay $125.

5. The Setai Club

This workout center is located in New York City. The gym offers its members access to Aquagrotto. This is a thermal heat lounge which provides a Finish sauna, an aromatherapy steam room, and a mineral pool Jacuzzi. Furthermore, members can work with the most well-trained instructors in New York in the Setai Wellness Studio. Here, they can practice Pilates and yoga.

Those who are willing to invest in a gym membership can benefit from a private cocktail lounge and healthy breakfast in the restaurant SHO Shaun Hergatt. Another important advantage here is that members can also gain discounts at Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany’s & Co., and Thomas Pink.

To become the members of one of these gyms in the U.S., you need to always search for quality. Paying a little bit more every month to build the body you have always wanted is not just a whim or a luxury. It depends on your priorities and on how important it is for you to look good and feel good, being surrounded by quality staff and getting incredible services.

We are in an era where working out is as important as jewelry, a fast car, or branded clothes. Therefore, if you think that a membership to one of these workout spots would be beneficial to your lifestyle, it means that you should not miss the chance to sign up. Improve your lifestyle, have a healthy diet and a rocking body!

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