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This post is the part 15 of The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide

This is the final part (not counting the bonus one). Congratulations and respect to those who’ve already completed the program! Now you’ve definitely got rid of all your excessive fat and achieved the body of your dreams! The body that looks like a Hollywood star’s figure! And even if you think the result is not so perfect, you’re all winners anyway! You’ve managed to go through this long and sometimes difficult weight loss journey, discipline yourself and overcome your desires. It’s really respect-worthy! You’re truly a determined and strong-willed person, so you surely can reach all your goals in life and make even the craziest of your dreams come true!

Make sure to take a contrast shower every evening. It stimulates the blood flow and helps tone your skin muscles. When taking a shower, take your time to massage your problem-prone areas of skin with a firm loofah and channeled water sprays.

Any moderate physical action like prickling, stroking and patting can also help balance your blood circulation in the required areas. It is a good idea to take a sea salt bath at least once a week. This helps to rid your skin of breakdown products and tones your skin wonderfully.

Be careful with aromatic bath salts especially if your heart misses a beat from time to time and you experience abrupt rises and drops in blood pressure. Begin with a 5-minute session. After getting out of the tub wrap yourself in a Turkish towel.

You’d be surprised to find out what wonders does the common cupping massage to your cellulite-ridden thighs!

And to top if off, there is no need to spend money on a visit to a massage parlor. In this respect, what counts most is to be regular and consistent. Cupping massage is very easy: apply anti cellulite cream or some shower gel with algae essence to the desired areas and massage them with special elastic cups until the skin reddens.

If there are no pale areas left then you have done a good job and your skin blood circulation has significantly improved. Just don’t get lazy about it! If you practice this massage on a daily basis, not only will the distasteful bumps on your thighs go away but your skin will get stronger and firmer, too.

Make sure to exfoliate your skin with scrubs at least once a week

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and stimulates the growth of a new epidermis, which is younger, therefore, more elastic.  Apply a moisturizing nourishing or lifting cream all over the body immediately after exfoliation.

If you have a sensitive skin, take extra precautions with creams which contain fruit acids. Instead, opt for creams with abrasive medium-size particles. Be sure to apply a high-quality moisturizer after exfoliation. Every woman deserves to be beautiful!

If you have a dry skin, use creams rich in olive oil or cocoa butter. Ancient Greeks were right when they rubbed their bodies with olive oil. Thus they helped prevent skin cancer. Japanese scientists have discovered that olive oil has antioxidants which neutralize free radicals which emerge under the influence of ultraviolet light and damage the skin cell DNA.

If you have a greasy skin then it’s best to use fat-free varieties of olive oil that contain hyaluronic acid.  This acid and its properties have long been the matter of dispute among many cosmeticians and I don’t feel like I want to be a part of it.

Hyaluronic acid is distributed widely throughout connective tissues in our skin structure.  Hyaluronic acid is commonly known to help regenerate skin cells and to increase its elasticity as well as to retain liquids in cells and to restore the skin’s hydro-lipid balance. The hyaluronic acid content in body tissues declines considerably with age. Usually, such a decline is particularly sharp for heavy smokers, which, admittedly, almost always can be guessed by their face. Therefore, in any case, you’d be better off if you take hyaluronic acid as a food supplement.

Cosmetic practices which help prevent skin sagging

There are quite a few cosmetic practices which help prevent skin sagging, such as: massage, body wraps and mesotherapy (multiple intradermal and hypodermic injections of medication which otherwise cannot get through the top corneal layer of skin). During mesotherapy the medicine is administered in small doses at a depth of 1–5 mm both intradermally and subdermally. Recommended frequency of mesotherapy sessions: 1 session every 7-10 days.

The medications which are used in mesotherapy represent a peculiar mix of vitamins, micronutrients, organic acids, plant extracts, animal-based essences and pharmaceuticals. Injection’s ingredients generally also include collagen and elastin.

Collagen is the skin’s building blocks, its supporting structure. It is essentially an interlink between cells. Collagen’s synthesis gradually declines with age which results in skin wilting. Elastin in its characteristics is similar to collagen. Simultaneous injection of collagen and elastin contributes to skin rejuvenation.

The combination of substances administered during mesotherapy may vary depending on the skin area which needs correction and the objectives of the attending cosmetician. Mesotherapy should be avoided during pregnancy, menstrual cycles or post-surgical period.

However, keep in mind that such methods alone will not be effective in the pursuit of beauty unless you stick to the most important rule.  I am referring to a healthy and balanced nutrition. Balanced nutrition is something that not just puts your skin in order but it whips the whole body into shape.

Mesotherapy can also be used for treating cellulite and in some cases the results are good provided it is used in combination with other treatment practices. Although, to be fair, in this particular case mesotherapy is the primary therapeutic intervention. It helps smooth out your wrinkles and improve your skin texture. If you decide to undergo a course of mesotherapy, be sure to consult only highly-trained specialists in order to get the maximum results and make your skin beautiful and well-conditioned – a subject of your pride and the envy of others.

Healthy nutrition and lifestyle are the ones that can make you beautiful. This can hardly be achieved through mere application of cosmetics. Vitamin C helps the body produce the widely known collagen, which is responsible for making our skin look young and firm. However, the body cannot sustain itself on mere vitamins. In order to generate new cells, it needs high-quality protein.

What’s next?

So, the Weight Balance slimming program is almost finished… but there’s something more! Remember the article about the second stage physical activities? Remember, how much attention is paid there to strength training? In the next post, there’s a whole detailed strength training program, designed especially for the second stage! It will help you burn fat and overcome even the hardest weight loss plateau!

GO TO THE BONUS PART OF THE ULTIMATE WEIGHT LOSS GUIDE  >>> Weight Balance Fat-Burning Strength Training Program

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