The First Step of the Fat Loss System – Taking a U-turn

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This post is the part 3 of The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide

Stage 1 goals and objectives

The main objectives of the first stage is to normalize intestinal activity and to increase protein absorption quotient since protein is the most important element for maintaining your muscle bulk. In order to achieve this, we need to temporarily discharge the bowels by limiting the intake of proteins and fats to a minimum physiological standard. Then we need to stimulate the intestinal activity with dietary fiber along with normalizing the balance of bifidobacteria which facilitate the absorption of proteins.

Our goals are as follows:

  • Burning of fats which is stimulated by daily aerobic activity – walking. If you don’t walk on a daily basis, the fat will not burn.
  • Normalizing metabolism – please note that it’s not about acceleration or improvement but merely about bringing your metabolism to its basic level which you had when you were young.

Make your fat train go in the opposite direction

This stage helped me lose 8 extra kilograms (about 17.5 pounds) within three weeks. A better part of this weight loss was due to excessive fluids and toxins because the first stage is a kind of body cleanse which helps it to prepare to the next stage. It’s important to note that three weeks is the longest allowable duration of this stage. The optimum duration is two weeks.

Just imagine a long, heavily loaded train set which slowly crawls along the tracks towards its destination. Even at low speed, it cannot be stopped at once because of the accumulated inertia and too heavy a load.

Now compare this train set to your body, with some its cars filled with fat, and picture it moving along the badly repaired tracks in the wrong direction to the ultimate dead end. You simply cannot bring the train set to an abrupt stop, turn it about and set it along the right and safe path towards your long-awaited dream.

There’s no way to get around the law of inertia. That’s why our first stage is called “TAKING A U-TURN”. Our task at this stage is to reverse the train, get it going in the right direction and begin to detach the cars full of fat which keep holding it back. Then our job is to cleanse the body and prepare it for the second stage of my program.

Stage 1 characteristics

This stage lasts normally from one to three weeks. It contains the following elements:

Adaptation to physical exercise. Let’s begin with walking

You must at least walk for an hour every day! If you don’t have the time for morning walks, you can do it in the daytime or in the evenings, making sure to increase duration to 80 minutes. The only alternative is to walk steadily all through the day using a pedometer to track your progress.

In this case, an effective total walking distance ranges from 12 000 to 14 000 steps a day. If you walk only 4 or 5 thousand steps – this just won’t do the trick! I strongly recommend Nordic Walking. This technique is considerably softer on the body joints and it’s 40 percent more effective than regular walking.

Specially selected diet

  • low-fat kefir or yogurt with bifidobacteria;
  • bran or dietary fiber;
  • cedar nuts;
  • boiled chicken eggs;
  • starch-free vegetables and potherbs (apart from carrots, beetroot, potatoes);
  • apples (interchangeable with grapefruit);
  • farmer cheese (interchangeable with tofu or a low-fat yogurt, as a last resort);
  • olive or flaxseed oil;
  • water.

Vitamins and harmless sport supplements

  • L-carnitine;
  • GMP certified vitamin and mineral complex;
  • coenzyme Q10.

Rules and recommendations

  1. Rule of thumb here is not to exceed the duration of the first stage. It ought to be completed within 3 weeks. However, you need to realize that the dietary routine which we will cover further is an average estimate which is cited here for reference and is not to be treated as a manual for unconditional copying and fulfilment.
  2. You can drink as much water as you want at any time (still water only). Most importantly, water consumption has to be steady and uniform. Your water intake should, of course, be determined by your needs, however, during the first stage of the program I recommend to drink at least 1,5 liters per day.
  3. Important note!!! At least once a week arrange for a “day off”: go hiking in the country, walk as much as possible. Generally, you should try to spend as much time outside as you can afford. All these activities should be limited to the first half of your day. Try to find a new type of activity for yourself: for instance, dancing, a hobby, special interest clubs. New people and face-to-face contact considerably enhance your motivation and enthusiasm for life.
  4. One way or another, try to limit your communication with those members of your friends and family who whine all the time and burden you with their own problems. When you listen to other people’s troubles subconsciously you project them onto yourself and then start looking for a solution. More often than not there is no visible solution (at least from your point of view) so you begin to feel frustrated which triggers the release of corticosteroids (or stress hormones) into your bloodstream. The adrenal cortical hormones inhibit the decomposition of fatty tissue.
  5. If possible, stop watching television, at least for a while.
  6. Tea, coffee, salt, garlic, spices, soy sauce, vinegar – according to taste, in customary quantities. I’d recommend a daily addition to your salad of a teaspoonful of balsamic or grape vinegar and some turmeric (according to taste).
  7. Food products to stay away from:
  • sugar and anything which contains sugar;
  • juices, including natural and freshly squeezed juices, honey, powdered fructose;
  • bread and any flour-based food, right down to bread crumbs;
  • potatoes and white (milled) rice.
  1. Consume any type of bran or sugar-free fiber every day on a regular basis. It’s best to have a pack of bran or fiber handy at all times (at work, at home, when traveling, etc). I recommend to start your intake of bran with 3-4 tablespoonfuls a day and eventually increase their daily portion to 100 g a week. Bran has to be washed down with water, tea, coffee or any other beverage. If you notice any sudden signs of fermentation and wind followed by any bowel disorders, cancel bran from your diet for a few days and then gradually increase the bran intake again to the safe level. There are also contraindication to bran which include the following: acute gastritis, acute colitis, gastric ulcer and hemorrhoids.

How to deal with food cravings during the first stage? 

Eat apples and dietary fiber (bran).

Full activation of satiation center (that is, when you feel completely satiated) is possible only when the following two conditions are met simultaneously:

  1. When your liver has restored the required stock of carbohydrates.
  2. When your stomach is filled with food.

How can you achieve that?

It’s as simple as that! Your stomach will be filled with swollen bran whereas your carbohydrate reserves will be continually replenished with a pyruvic acid (pyruvate), namely alanine.  As soon as you feel a craving for food, eat an apple with a handful of bran. This will raise your blood sugar level and will give you a feeling of fullness in your stomach.

Psychology tips for successful completion of the first stage

Make sure that you have detected and thoroughly understood all the starters which trigger your food addiction. Conduct a new and comprehensive analysis of your past mistakes. It is not worth it to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Consider which situations turn up time and time again and what are their causes. Your mind may not even be aware of all the trigger mechanisms yet your subconsciousness knows all about them.  Listen to your inner voice. Find the answer to the questions like “why I failed to lose weight before” and “why all the diets I used to try did not work”.

Most importantly – do not fool yourself!

Make sure you are fully aware of obesity-related health risks:

  • higher risk of heart attacks and strokes;
  • higher risk of developing cancer;
  • higher risk of developing type II diabetes;
  • faster erosion of joints and spinal column;
  • increased probability of miscarriage and complications during pregnancy;
  • considerably increased rate of various aging processes.

Don’t forget that your weight is largely dependent on the total volume of liquids in the body. Yet water is not fat! It comes and goes without any effort.

If you stick to the rules then the excessive fat won’t have any chance.

Before you embark on the program you can afford a day for letting yourself go and indulge in everything previously forbidden yet so delicious and enticing. Don’t fret! This is just for one day only! You can’t gain too much weight from overeating just for a day however your body will have a chance to regain its senses after being subjected to a sort of shock therapy and will more or less prepare itself for the subsequent balanced nutrition program.

So make a decision and let’s get started!

If you have complied with all recommendations then by the end of the second week your weight loss can amount to 5–7 kilograms. However, just because it can do so does not mean it has to! Almost everything will depend on your starting weight and the degree of your compliance with the recommendations.

From my past experience, I can tell that 80 % of mistakes can be traced back to irregular physical exercises or untimely implementation of the program. It’s best not to repeat other people’s mistakes.

Quite often this first effective weight loss acts as a powerful morale boost to those who have almost given up hope to ever lose weight. You cheer up, begin to feel invigorated and confident in your future victory over excess weight. Generally, this marks the point when you can proceed to the program’s next stage.

Do not lose courage even if your performance is less than a 5-kg decrease. Most likely you have inadvertently sped things up too much or have not completed some of the steps properly.

What’s next?

In the next article you’ll read everything about the nutrition on the first stage. What should you eat and what’s better to avoid? Which food is the most useful for slimming and healthy life? Read on to learn about it!

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What do you think about it? I would be very grateful if you share your opinion in comments!

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