Silicon Valley and Modafinil: The Rise of Nootropics as a Biohacking Tool

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Breaking News: Even Silicon Valley is into biohacking tools like Modafinil. Modafinil has successfully penetrated the Silicon Valley culture.

“Wait, what? Silicon Valley? Modafinil? How come?”

Silicon Valley has rightfully earned the reputation of being a hub for some of the smartest and most hardworking executives and entrepreneurs in the world today. It is a place where everyone is hacking into something. Biohackers constantly strive to have an edge as they create new ideas. This push for cognitive-self improvement is becoming popular in the tech world known as Silicon Valley, as workers are always expected to produce at high levels and come up with innovations. 

These people dedicate their lives to hacking away with laser-sharp vision and steely mindfulness to create a product that was once considered a mere dream and an absolute impossibility in the not-so-distant past, a product that improves life as we know it.

Most recently, everyone in Silicon Valley is a biohacker. We imagine that the folks at Silicon Valley must be superhuman, that they never need any cognitive lift, and that they are armed with some alien life-force that never gets exhausted.  However,it is only because they implement the same approach with human/machine development to their brains and bodies as well. What they do with machines and numbers and codes? They also do with their minds and their bodies. It is called“biohacking”.

To understand how Modafinil is a biohacking tool and how Silicon Valley is tapping into it, you need to understand what biohacking is all about.

What Is Biohacking? 


(v): To change the environment inside and outside of an individual, so you have full control of your biology, to allow you to improve your mind, body, and life.

(n) The science and art of becoming a superhuman.

The essence of biohacking is to improve health, efficiency, and productivity. To do this then, you would need to diligently keep track of the metrics of your most basic instincts and behaviors and the consequences of adhering to each one. Next, introduce new and helpful things into your body and into our mind that will eventually and consistently lead to that desired output.  The essence of biohacking is causing a major change by using tools and tricks.

Some call it a persistent pursuit of perfection and Modafinil seems to have become quite popular with these biohackers.

GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) doesn’t apply only to computers. “What goes into us affects what comes out of us….let’s….stack the deck in our favor”, says Dave Asprey.

It is about measuring the input, measuring the output, experimentally tweaking the inputs to arrive at the preferred output, and remaining positive about the result. All of this requires mental alertness and presence of mind.

About Modafinil

Modafinil available on is a nootropic or a smart drug that improves your cognitive ability. Modafinil is aneugeroic, not a stimulant, though it acts like one. It promotes wakefulness but doesn’t make you jittery or speedy. Also, Modafinil has few side effects, when compared to traditional stimulants.

Enter Performance Enhancing Inputs With Modafinil 

You need to think of every input as a tool to create the desired outcome for your life. Unless it is so, disposes of it and find something else that will work for you.

Talking about input, this includes the food you eat, the air you breathe, the water and the liquids you drink. It also consists of the sounds you listen to, the sights you see, and the chemicals you take into your body.

The drug that easily fits that profile is the nootropic drug known as Modafinil. While it will not increase your IQ or turn you into a Greek god, it will sharpen your intellect and give you better control if your cognitive processes. A study has proved that “Modafinil selectively improves neuropsychological task performance.” Moreover, this is where the joy and the money indeed is, isn’t it, when you can think clearly and act with precision?

The demands of your relationships, the pressure to meet a deadline, the struggle for ascendancy in the competitive economy, and more; all these take their toll eventually. Sometimes we can recover on our own. Sometimes we just can’t. Moreover, we need a drug that doesn’t get us high but only gets our brains and our minds back in shape. Many times we are not even aware of the toll that life is taking on our emotions until we find that we can no longer focus.

Modafinil is not a narcotic, and it does not act with the same intensity and speed as narcotics as amphetamines do. The problem with stimulants is that they will leave your heart and internal organs, as well as your brain in a worse condition than they met them. Stimulants are addictive. With amphetamines, you need to do a lot of genetic tests to be safe when using them because you do not want to create more problems than you are solving. With Modafinil, however, have been reported to have side effects that are negligible, unlike stimulants.

Some Real Life Instances of the Modafinil Usefulness 

There are so many applications of the usefulness of Modafinil in corporate organizations and Silicon Valley in particular. For instance:

  • Improving data, analyzing and sourcing insights to implement change in the company;
  • Gaining insight into situations and connecting the dots properly due to a lack of cognitive bias;
  • Not being overwhelmed by numbers and codes;
  • Being able to forgo a break  without feeling depressed, if it means getting things done before a deadline;
  • Overcoming the much-dreaded writer’s block.

Final Thoughts

Modafinil must never be used to keep yourself working too long. Endeavor to take a break every once in a while and have some sleep. Don’t transmit the energy you feel into an indispensable and almighty euphoria. You might harm yourself. Use Modafinil wisely, and buy it only from accredited online drug stores such as Meds4sure.

Updated: February 13, 2018 Author: Dmitrii

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