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MEIKING Slimming and Cellulite Removing Cream

Get that perfect waistline and body you have ever wanted in the most natural way with Meiking Belly Body Shaping Cream.

This very effective and all natural slimming and fat burning cream helps your body to shed more weight, burn more fats, block more fats and speed up your metabolism using a combination of unique plant extract formulas.

Say hello to a perfect body with Meiking Slimming Cream.

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The Meiking Slimming Cream and Cellulite Reducer is a very effective tool to lose some weight, burn up some fats and block them, get rid of unwanted cellulites and have that perfect body.

It is made up of a unique combination of the most effective weight reducing plant extracts such as luraso leaf, lotus leaf, rheum palmatum, rhizome, licorice, cocos, wheat seed and wolfberry.

The natural ingredients makes it very effective yet safeguarding you from side effects synthetic weight reducing creams can bring to your body.

Using the Meiking Slimming cream can help you have a small belly, tighten your abdomen, have smaller and skinnier arms and legs and reshape your body to have that beauty queen figure. All and more other exciting benefits without resorting to medications, injections and surgery!



Luraso aloe leaf extract, lotus leaf extract, rheum palmatum root extract, rhizome Chuanxiong rootstock extract, poria cocos extract, licorice extract, scutellaria root extract, wheat seed extract, Ningxia wolfberry fruit extract, figwort root extract

Product efficacy

Easily shape body instantly, unique plant extract formula, tighten and pull skin, enable saggy skin and excessive granulation tissue of belly and body to be of more sense of line, restore beautiful body shape, body is more slim and graceful

How to use

Take some cream and lay on belly and parts which need slimming, draw a circle anti-clockwise and rub for 10-15 minutes

Net weight 80g


360 No dead space, attract 100% of eyesight

The real queen, thin more sexy!

Small belly

Tighten abdomen and raised small belly Big stomach reappear smoothness

Unicorn arm

Whether you are still annoyed by unicorn arms, reduce excessive granulation tissue on the arm, rebuild curve of arms.

Pail waist

Lose the waist proud flesh, reappear the s-shaped good figure!

Round hip

Reduce excessive granulation tissue of hip, fat and saggy hip becomes tight and uprising, gives off temptation that can not be resisted.

Bucket waist

Reduce excessive fat on legs, tighten skin of legs, rebuilt sexy legs!

Shape of slim body is more sexy

-Belly and body shaping cream

Rebuild curve.Crash stubborn cellulite.

Shape body and slim body.Sexy curve.

Reduce excessive granulation tissue.Exquisite curve.

Suitable for those who are wholly fat and partially fat

Sexy cute,perfect slim body

Three pieces per circle, slim body shape is more sexy


Pure plant essence with scientific proportioning, reduce weight and slim body in combination with massage manipulations.

2. Effective

Belly and body shaping cream has rapid penetration speed, can effectively accelerate discharge of fat, and discharge excessive water in the body

3. Maintain

Scientifically replenish lipolytic enzyme, help to discharge water in body, solve the problems of reducing weight and shaping body fundamentally, change fat body constitution, maintain the effect of slimming body.

4. Convenient

Methods of use are very convenient without diet saving and sports, change form “big belly woman” to “small belly woman” unconsciously.

5. Safe

Natural plant essence extraction without side effects such as nausea, diarrhea and dizziness.

6. Multiple effects

Four-in-one effects such as shaping body, slimming body, refreshing skin and reducing edema, comprehensively solve problems such as gaining weight, deformation and loose skin etc.

Break routine rationale of body slimming and body shaping

Herbal formula is more secure

1. Block : Curb generation of fat from the source, prevent increase of new cellulite.

Differentiate fat, prevent regeneration of fat, effectively curb generation of new fat from the source, and the dissolve existing cellulite to reach the optimal weight reducing effect!

2. Build curve Smoothen circulation channels in the body,accelerate discharge of water and excessive fat,build curve.

Plant ingredients in belly body shaping cream can effectively adjust normalization of circulation of body fat, allow excessive water accumulated in the body to be discharged from the body with fat together

Before using

After using

3. Discharge dirt : Discharge excessive impurity contents decomposed in the body.

Rapidly penetrate into subcutaneous fat, take advantage of strong dirt discharging effect of plant, effectively decompose subcutaneous cellulites into small drops of micro cells, and gradually dissolve them and discharge them out of the body.

Before using

After using

4. Shrink and shape body : prevent stretch marks

Unique tightening formula, prevent skin aging problem caused by decomposition of fat, allow slim to be smooth and elastic.

They have been fat

shape body and slim body to be more sexy

1. Block fat

2. Activate and smoothen

3. Crack fat

4. Metabolism and discharge

5. shape body

You can also own charming figure


Prior to using: Butterfly sleeve is apparent, fat meat.

After using: Arms are slim with tight curves


Prior to using: Swimming ring in the belly is apparent

After using: Belly is smooth with tiny waist reappearing.


Prior to using: Cellulite phenomenon of legs are serious

After using: Tight without excessive granulation tissue

Only slim body but do not shape bod the consequence is very serious!

1. Do not tighten skin after slimming body, lead to skin aging

Ordinary slimming products purely use heated chili extract to form the sense of hotness and peppery on the surface of skin, when burning a little fat on the surface, stimulate pores of skin, lead to rapid outflow of water, and cause skin aging.

2. No body shaping effect after accelerating slimming body, skin is loose.

Some body slimming products can reach the effect of slimming body, however, due to lacking of body shaping effect, after slimming body rapidly, oxidation reaction of the body generates plenty of by-products, which leads to saggy and loose skin and serious slimming wrinkles.

3. Can not prevent synthesis of fat, rebound rapidly after using

Ordinary body slimming products can only solve existing fat problems, can not solve generation of fat cells from the source, if stop for a while after using, it will rebound rapidly.


Herb added, more safe and effective

Herbal ingredients added, accelerate Qi and blood circulation of body, discharge excessive water and fat cumulated out of the body, reach the effect of reducing weight, slimming body and shaping body, meanwhile, can allow skin of the body to be more tender, white and tight.

Rheum palmatum root extract—block fat

The mechanism is mainly to curb oxidation, dehydrogenation and deamination of cell sugar and immediate product of sugar metabolism, and can curb synthesis of protein and nucleic acid.

1. Curb synthesis of protein and nucleic acid, prevent generation of fat cells.

Rhizome Chuanxiong rootstock extract–metabolism

Smooth breath and expel stagnation, eliminate rheumatic disease, activate blood circulation andreduce inflammation.

1. Activate blood circulation and l smooth breathing.

2. Accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism of cells.

Snow lotus extract—Eliminate cellulite and slim body

The main reason of reducing weight of lotus leaf is that it has a main ingredient named nuciferine, which has the effect of eliminating fat. Since the ancient times, China takes lotus leaf as a good medicine of slimming body, and modem pharmacology discovers that nuciferine and citric acid in lotus leaf have effects of mitosis, and alkaline ingredients have the effect of reducing weight.

1. Lotus leaf base has disappear fat The effect of, since the ancient times Regarded as slimming medicine.

Reality use photos

Change into small belly elite

Rubbing manipulations

[Repeat and recycle 15-20 minutes every day, you should persist ]

1. Take some essence and lay on the hand.

2. Rub the cream hot with hands and wipe evenly on skin of the waist, rub from the top to the bottom.

3. About 10 minutes, take some cream, rub from the internal to the external, lightly screw the flank.

4. About 10 minutes, take some cream, rub from the internal to the external, lightly screw the flank.

5. Let’ s measure it, it is 70cm prior to using.

6. It is 66 cm after using, what a successful weight reduction!

Build leg curves

Rubbing manipulations

[Repeat and recycle 15-20 minutes every day, ‘you should persist]

1. Take some body slimming cream.

2. Lay body slimming cream onto the legs evenly, and rub to promote absorption.

3. Conduct pulling massage from the bottom to the top, press parts which need slimming from the internal to the external.

Prior to using: calf 34cm

After using: 32cm

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Luraso aloe leaf extract, lotus leaf extract, poria cocos extract

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24 months

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Suitable for

All skin types

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    хорошая упаковка, ничего не помялось. Крем с приятным легким ароматом, хорошо впитывается, под пленкой немного греет. Если будет эффект – закажу еще. Спасибо продавцу за общительность и за маленький подарочек!

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    Great Store, second time buying this product, I have seen good results in my arms. Excellent customer service, 100%recommend it 🙂 thank you for my gift.

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