Overcoming Weight Loss Plateau Part 3. Physiological Treatment

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This post is the part 8.3 of The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide

Home-made effective weight loss treatment procedures

Body wraps

Body wrap – is one of the most popular techniques which can help reduce the size of the waist and other parts of the body by several centimeters. Also it can help you break your fat loss plateau. Why are body wraps so popular nowadays? This practice is highly-prized not only because of its slimming effect but also because of its surprisingly rejuvenating influence on the skin due to the nourishing compounds which are applied in the course of every session.

The following kinds of body wraps are commonly considered to be the most effective, even if you stopped losing weight:

  • Honey body wrap;
  • Honey body wrap with oil;
  • Mustard body wrap.
  • Chocolate body wrap;
  • Clay body wrap.

As you can gather from their names, each slimming practice is conducted with a specific active component. Honey body wrap softens and effectively cleans the skin pores from debris and blackheads, rids of excess subcutaneous fat and eliminates cosmetic defects.

A honey body wrap with oil facilitates the increased flow of nourishing substances to the skin surface, softening and toning it at the same time.

It also creates a protective film on the skin surface which acts as a safeguard against irritations and potentially aggressive chemical agents found in various creams and cosmetics.

Mustard body wrap increases blood flow to the skin surface, boosts the blood circulation and aids in keeping your pores open and free of debris and excess oil. Its warming effect enables continuous boosting of fat-burning processes and elimination of toxins and other waste from the body.

Body wraps with chocolate nourishing mixtures make your skin soft and fluffy, provide it with effective nourishment and the required useful micronutrients. Caffeine which is an ingredient of chocolate contributes to the acceleration of metabolism and lends a generous helping hand in the body’s constant fight against cellulite.

Clay body wraps have a massive cleansing power. In addition to that, you also experience a long-lasting revitalizing effect due to peculiar absorbing properties of clay (it absorbs toxins and other waste from subcutaneous layers of skin).

Weight-loss inducing baths

This is an affordable and moderately effective slimming practice which, however, should not be regarded as a standalone approach to losing weight since it works only in combination with a proper diet and/or physical activities. A weight-loss-inducing bath aids in keeping your pores open and deep cleansing of skin due to the active components’ infiltration of subcutaneous layers of skin.  Types of weight-loss inducing baths include:

  • Sea-salt or rock-salt bath – accelerates metabolic processes; aids in keeping the skin pores open and eliminating excess liquids from the body; effectively works against cellulite;
  • Soda bath – increases skin elasticity; effectively moisturizes and softens the skin due to its alkaline properties; makes the skin look fit and well-conditioned;
  • Baths with essential oils – soothe and eliminate skin irritation, aid in metabolism power-up and active burning of fat deposits. Grapefruit, orange and juniper oil effectively deals with the external signs of cellulite and bumpy skin;
  • Turpentine baths are rather a remedial measure than just a slimming technique. These baths should be taken in strict compliance with the instruction manual and the recommended treatment schedule.

Vacuum cupping therapy

Despite the fact that this practice is commonly used in beauty parlours it may just as well be performed at home. You will need special vacuum cups (preferably silicone) and any anti cellulite or massage cream. You can also use essential oils (by adding a few drops into the cream) as this will enhance the beneficial effect of the therapy. Important treatment tips:

  • All motions have to be from the bottom upwards;
  • Areas to be excluded: belly, spinal cord area and inner thighs;
  • Before the cupping therapy, it is best to take a hot shower and rub your body with an exfoliating scrub.

Cupping massage is also known as anti cellulite massage because it is an effective means against bumpy skin and it helps reduce the stretch marks found on thighs and buttocks.

Beauty treatment centers: expert advice on slimming techniques

Liposuction with ultrasonic cavitation

This procedure is performed with a special device which targets the fat deposit with ultrasonic emissions. Essentially, cavitation is a non-invasive suction of fat. It is characterized with a high degree of tolerability (virtually no pain) and minimum counterindications.

It operates as follows: the ultrasonic emission at about 38 kHz breaks down the hard membrane of fat cells and burns it. Afterwards the fat is naturally removed from the body (via the blood circulatory and lymphatic systems). In order to achieve a stable positive effect, it is necessary to conduct from 5 to 10 sessions.

Ozone therapy

In addition to being helpful for stimulating weight loss, this slimming therapy can improve your skin health, increase its elasticity, eliminate visible blemishes (spider veins, wrinkles, etc) and cosmetic symptoms of cellulite. Furthermore, this method effectively helps to deal with such issues as stretch marks, fragile and flabby skin.

Ozone therapy can be performed only after a thorough medical checkup. You have to have all your samples (blood, urine, etc) taken and consult a physician prior to a session of ozone therapy because the actual procedure involves either an intravenous injection (for overall impact) or an intramuscular injection (for getting rid of defects in the designated areas) of ozonized sodium chloride.

Lymphatic drainage massage

It is an effective procedure for facilitating the loss of weight because it aids in boosting the blood circulation, improves your complexion and has an overall revitalizing effect on your health and your body’s normal operations. There are two types of lymphatic drainage massage:

  • Manual – which is performed by a massage therapist in a beauty center;
  • Instrumental – which is performed with special equipment.

Lymphatic drainage massage facilitates active metabolism and the excretion of surplus liquids from the body. It is effective against cellulite, swellings caused by the buildup of fluids and varicose veins. In addition to that, due to its effect on the lymph flow, it helps improve the skin’s color and elasticity, strengthen the body resistance to infections and its overall stamina.

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