Milkshake diet. Are meal replacements good for slimming?

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Is milkshake diet good for you?

Nearly everybody loves milkshakes. Creamy, indulgent and flavorful, milkshakes are refreshing and filling. All of us understand there’s a downside to drinking too many of them. After all, milkshakes owe their appeal to their high sugar and fat content. This makes it quite astonishing to learn there is an entire diet given to the drinking of the drink. Picture drinking two or three frosty, oily milkshakes daily and really slim down rather than gaining weight. Is it maybe a bit too great to be real? How could this possibly function scientifically? Let’s have a closer look at this milkshake diet, shall we?

What’s the milkshake diet?

A delicious shake for the milkshake diet

A yummy shake for the milkshake diet

The theory supporting the milkshake diet is the fact that if you replace a meal or two daily using a milkshake, you’ll slim down. Generally, breakfast and lunch are replaced with a milkshake, allegedly keeping you complete and helping you slim down. This may seem utterly ridiculous, but the actual question is: what milkshake just?

If we’re referring to the world’s fattest milkshake, then you’d actually gulp down 4000 extra calories daily, that’ll likely turn you into a morbidly obese man rather than reducing you down. If you’d drink a meal replacement shake instead you might be under-eating too much since that specially manufactured diet shakes usually have less than a hundred calories in them.
On the other hand, in case you go through the problem of locating an ideal milkshake to replace your meals with, why don’t you simply begin calorie counting instead?

Happily, the solution is simple!

No, it’s not. Milkshakes in their natural shape have way an excessive amount of sugar and fat, while also including much too little of any other nutrient to be wholesome. People that are sensitive to high blood glucose levels might get quite sick from this diet, and that doesn’t go just for people with diabetes. Lots of people feel bad when they eat an excessive amount of sugar at the same time as it happens to kids when they overindulge in sweets.

Additionally, milkshakes aren’t actually quite filling. They may be liquid and so rapidly consumed and secreted by the entire body, leaving you rather hungry in an extremely short timeframe. You might have an initial feeling of fullness because of all the fat, but that last half an hour tops.

What about meal replacements?

Three berry smoothies

Three berry shakes

If we are talking about meal-replacement shakes on the other hand, then this is an entirely different story. Meal replacement shakes usually have very few calories, low sugar, and fat content and they are often fortified with vitamins and minerals. This can, in fact, make one of these milkshakes a day an excellent snack.

I say snack because replacing an entire meal with them can lead you to under-eat. But if you replace, let’s say, a candy bar with a food replacement milkshake you will probably avoid eating up to 250 calories or more. What this means is that drinking meal replacement milkshakes can, in fact, allow you to slim down should they replace an extremely greasy snack you’d normally indulge.

Don’t have a monotone diet

It is necessary to keep in mind that even meal replacements don’t have everything your body requires; notably as it pertains to essential fats, proteins, and a few vitamins. Having a monotone diet might cause you more harm than good. So, make sure to replace the worst parts of your diet with a meal-replacement shake and to keep the good parts. Maybe even consider adding a bit of vegetable or fruit only to raise the whole diet a little.

What’s significant in the end is the fact that you won’t go below 1200 calories; and that you begin learning to eat in a sustainable manner. Milkshake meal replacement is usually extremely expensive and not that delightful when you’ve eaten them for months. That makes it virtually certain that you just can’t continue drinking them eternally. Therefore, in case you take up a milkshake meal replacement diet be sure to begin to boost your diet plan as a whole before you stop the milkshakes.

Make slow changes

Blueberry milkshake

Blueberry meal replacement shake

It’s crucial to make slow changes, even when you’ve lost all the weight you needed to remove.

Milkshakes diet isn’t ideal for anybody having a chronic illness; yet the healthy people should get their physicians view first before altering their lifestyle so drastically.

There’s an incredibly high risk of gaining more weight when beginning an extremely special diet; we regularly return to our customs with renewed fervor after unsuccessful dieting efforts. Thus ensure you are prepared for this.


The milkshake drink diet isn’t a scientific diet in the slightest. Drinking regular milkshakes rather than meals is completely unhealthy in the long run while replacing meals with meal replacement diet milkshakes isn’t a sustainable way of living. All in all the milkshake diet is just one of those fad diets that typically wind up disappointing everyone with a couple of additional pounds.

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