Lose weight in Ramadan most effectively

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Some ways to lose weight in Ramadan

Ramadan. The sacred month of prayers and fast. Sehri and iftars. Fasting and of course, the delicious meals that we treat ourselves with at the end of the day. But even though we fast for nearly the whole day, most of us really gain weight in Ramadan. So, turn the table! Follow these hints to lose weight in Ramadan rather than becoming fatter.

Do cardio to lose weight in Ramadan

Tips how to lose weight in Ramadan

How to lose weight in Ramadan

It must seem silly to do cardio while fasting, but trust me, it’ll do wonders. To burn fat, you first should burn your glucose, since the body’s first pick of energy is glucose over fats. So if you are fasting, you’re using your glucose reservations. By the end of the day almost all of your glucose gets used up and the body switches over to fats for energy. My thought will be to use this to your advantage. Do a little HIIT cardio session about half an hour before iftar so when you complete your cardio and cool down session, its iftar time. Hurrah!

The second advantage is that most of the things which you eat in iftar, it’ll be directly used for restoring your body energy reserves (glycogen) and for muscle recuperation. Not much will be converted and stored as fats, if you don’t overeat.
Doing it only before iftar additionally ensures your body does not remain dehydrated for long.
Instead, you may also do this cardio session before sehri as you’ll be in a brief fasting state between your dinner and sehri.

Remain clear of fast digesting sugar

Carbonated beverages, energy drinks, common table sugar (thus the sharbat that we have so enthusiastically) are all fast digesting sugars. They may be digested without much use of energy and are readily converted into fats and kept in our body, raising your body fat percentage.
I’ve seen how lots of folks drink pepsi, etc. in iftaari. People, it damages your kidney, throws your hormones off balance, erodes your bones, makes you fat and doesn’t let you shed weight in Ramadan! Drink more water so to stretch your stomach and give a sense of fullness (but gulping down a glass of water one after another won’t help either), eat slowly so your brain gets fullness signals earlier.

Prevent overeating

Calm down folks, it’s iftar, not the last meal of your life! However, I understand that it’s easier said than done. How can we not stuff our tummy after a day of hunger? Make an effort to control yourself. Drink more water so to stretch your stomach and give a sense of fullness (but gulping down a glass of water one after another won’t help either), eat slowly so your brain gets fullness signals earlier.

Fruits are your new best friend

Fruit chaat, sliced or diced fruit, smoothies etc. should be on top of your food list. They’re wholesome, fat free and packed with vitamins. Added with the cardio, fruit diet will cause you to lose weight in Ramadan before Eid.

Remain oil free

What is iftar without pakoray, right? But it goes without saying that if you want to lose much weight in Ramadan, you simply must remain clear of these fried dishes. What you’re really doing is simply adding extra fats into your diet. More than what you have in other months, thus most folks tend to gain more weight.

Sehri is significant

Skipping sehri will not do you any good. Sehri is required to supply for energy for the next day. Skipping sehri will simply bring about dehydration, but also less action through the day and will eventually lead to you over eating in iftar.

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