IsoWhey cheap meal replacement shakes make Australians much fitter

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After three years of sitting pretty at the top of customer ratings for weight loss shakes, ALDI Slim & Trim has finally been replaced by the protein-packed power of IsoWhey. Hundreds of dieting Australians have been telling us about their experiences with the brands in this year’s review, and while ALDI and Tony Ferguson join IsoWhey in receiving five stars for effectiveness, only the latter took out top marks for taste and overall satisfaction. It is a huge improvement on previous results for IsoWhey, which emphasises the value of routinely comparing your weight reduction alternatives. There are a lot of things to think about when selecting the most effective and cheap meal replacement shakes for your demand, and a lot of tricks you can readily fall into. Well get into all that shortly, but to start with, lets address the main question:

Do cheap meal replacement shakes work?

IsoWhey cheap meal replacement shakes with various flavors

IsoWhey cheap meal replacement shakes with different flavors

Yes, they can. Thats the brief response, however only in the event that you follow the guidelines correctly and actually dedicate to the challenge. Weight loss milkshakes aren’t a magic solution or magic pill that can see you losing kilos right away. Losing weight requires patience, commitment and will power. Stick to the guidance of your preferred weight reduction program (this will usually include replacing a couple of meals per day with milkshakes) and supplement your milkshakes will a healthful, balanced diet and routine exercise. According to the Weight Management Council of Australia, meal replacement shakes have been shown to produce weight loss of 3 to 9.5kg.

But be ready to feel famished. Cheap meal replacement shakes can be quite low in calories. Associate Professor Tim Crowe, a practicing dietitian and nutrition researcher at Deakin University, said the following of meal replacement shakes in this ABC article on losing weight:

An advantage of utilizing milkshakes to assist with weight loss is they’re extremely simple to use. But to slim down, you do need to eat sensibly around them, as well as your other meals still must be part commanded. They may be relatively full of protein and cause a sense of fullness. However, as portion of a calorie reducing diet, you’ll be starving. You cant conceal that.

To seek out the finest, most powerful, weight loss shakes for you, you should find a brand that keeps you feeling full up as well as your hunger satisfied between meals. The risk of have milkshakes with hardly any calories (typically between 50-200 calories per serve) is you could be prone to snacking, or even turning to the type of meals you should be replacing. Our survey of dieting Aussies found that nearly two thirds (64%) frequently wind up snacking between meals when their milkshake leaves them feeling famished. This will help explain why just 60% of respondents have successfully lost weight using weight loss shakes, while 30% actually put weight on.

Do weight loss shakes work in the long term?

Expert opinion suggests that cheap meal replacing shakes can really be a good method to reduce lots of weight in the short term. Many plans are made specifically to last about 12 weeks, providing you with the quick weight loss you would like, really fast. The other question is, nonetheless, can weight loss shakes lead to long term weight control? There’s not much stage losing all the weight if youre just going to put it back on again.

As most weight loss shakes are created for short term success, after you have reached your fat loss, youre by yourself. Youll must get used to preparing healthful, balanced meals daily. For some individuals, this could lead to a slip back into old eating habits. If it is a worry for you, a weight reduction program which calls for replacing only one meal daily, rather than two, could be the solution to really go. This means your weight loss could take a little more. But you’ll get there without drastically altering your routine eating routines.

Total, weight loss shakes can provide a low-calorie, organized and suitable diet strategy, with most of the vital vitamins and minerals our bodies need. They encourage behavioural change and nutritional instruction. When used correctly, and as an element of a wholesome, balanced diet, you can anticipate to slim down.

How do weight loss shakes work?

The truly amazing thing about cheap meal replacement diet shakes is they’re fast and simple to prepare. In addition, you get the advantage of trimming down by drinking milkshakes that taste like chocolate, or caramel! Weight loss milkshakes usually come in powder form. They only should be blended with water or skimmed milk (clearly picking water means even fewer calories). This means they are easy to prepare in the morning and take to work; or grab when you get home with an empty stomach at the end of the day. While the ingredients of weight loss shakes changes between brands, the fundamental thought would be to maintain your body fuelled with every one of the minerals and vitamins you need, while curbing your appetite.

What’s in weight loss milkshakes?

Weight loss milkshakes are made out of a blend of distinct fibres, proteins, minerals and vitamins, plus some other additives or flavours depending on the brand. The ingredients lists found on some products can seem a little frightening, packaged with long words and amounts you’ve never heard of. Some brands are better at detailing their ingredients online than others. But as a guide, we recommend checking out the ingredients listed on the IsoWhey or Optifast sites.

It’s hugely important to pay attention to the sugar content of weight loss shakes, which varies significantly. Some products are packaged with up to 23g of sugar per serve, while some contain less than 2g. Not only is an inordinate quantity of sugar bad for you, its improbable to curb your desire for really long. In the event that you’d like a weight reduction shake that keeps you feeling full up for so long as possible, look for the ones which have lots of protein. IsoWhey is one such brand that features a high amount or protein. Another is The Man Milkshake.

How much do weight loss shakes cost?

Using weight loss milkshakes to replace a couple of meals each day may be a costly method to drop the kilos. Dieting Aussies spend a mean of $57 per month on their milkshakes, our survey found. But, the most effective way to judge the actual cost of diet milkshakes is to understand how much you’d usually spend on the meals you’re replacing. You might suddenly realise its not too expensive after all.

There may be a significant difference in costs between brands. But be sure to assess just how many portions you are receiving for your money. Generally, purchasing weight loss milkshakes in volume will likely be the least expensive approach to take. Some milkshakes come in sachets that makes it simple to work out how many you want for a week or month, while some come in bigger baths, needing a bit more brain power to find out how much you’ll want.

Choosing the right milkshakes

Seven out of ten respondents to our survey (71%) have tried more than one brand of weight loss shakes. It suggests it may take a little trial and error before you find the best one for your personal preferences. You might prefer a brand that delivers the broadest selection of flavours, has the highest protein content, or is just the most economical to purchase.

  • Effectiveness: 36%
  • Value for money: 19%
  • Flavor of milkshakes: 19%
  • Hunger quelling (i.e. makes you feel full): 19%
  • Assortment of flavours available: 6%

Now lets have a close look at every of the brands in this years standings, to see the things that they offer:


IsoWhey declares its variety of products scientifically developed by competent health care professionals to provide you with pure whey protein in the correct equilibrium to help nourish your body, handle your weight and feel your best inside and outside. The variety contains numerous bites and five flavours of milkshakes Ivory Coast chocolate, banana, Madagascan vanilla, strawberry and classic java.

ALDI Slim & Trim

ALDI says its Slim & Trim variety of meal replacement shakes are nutritionally balanced along with a great source of protein and vitamins. In addition, it guarantees no artificial colours or sweeteners, and no additional preservatives. The milkshakes are obtainable in four distinct flavours: chocolate, banana, strawberry and java.


You’ve no doubt heard of the Atkins Diet. And, as you’d expect, this brand is all about low carb and sugar, high protein shakes. Atkins has two weight loss programs to pick from. It’s based on whether you want to lose more or less than 40 pounds. Its shakes come in eight flavours.

Celebrity Slim

Celebrity Slims weight loss program includes three stages. They’re focused on high-speed, kickstart success, trimming down to achieve your target and then keeping that weight loss. The fast period was formulated to reduce carbs from the dietary plan. It supports high-speed weight reduction by inducing the entire body to burn mostly fat instead of glucose for energy. The fast milkshakes come in quite a few flavours. They have been invented to remove cravings and get you inspired for the following stage.


Losing weight hasn’t been more delicious and simpler, promises FatBlaster. Its milkshakes come in chocolate, vanilla, double chocolate mocha and raspberry ripple flavours. They’re nutritiously packaged with protein, fibre, minerals and vitamins. They will help you’re feeling complete and to provide you with the energy you’ll need. FatBlaster additionally supplies a abundance of dietary guidance and meal plans.

Nature’s Way SlimRight

Exercise, a calorie-controlled diet as well as the correct nutritional balance are the essential ingredients for weight reduction, according to Natures Way. It says its SlimRight variety of milkshakes provides all of these variables and much more. Natures Way milkshakes contain chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and green coffee bean-flavoured milkshakes.


Optifast supplies members using a recommended plan to match their weight control needs. Members are encouraged to record their eating and workout improvement and share their encounters with the Optifast community. The brand has a broad array of meal replacement products, including soups, desserts, bars and milkshakes. They are obtainable in an assortment of flavours. They contain caramel, banana, coffee, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and various packs.

Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson says it uses the most recent signs in weight reduction and nutrients to bring you a supporting plan. It’s centered on long term weight loss and weight maintenance. Its shakes are available in a wide range of flavours, including strawberries & cream, cafe latte, espresso, chocolate macadamia and chocolate cherry coconut. Tony Ferguson supports achievable weekly weight loss of up to 1kg each week.


Herbalife proclaims to make weight loss easy with a “science-based program” that combines cellular nutrition and the power of protein. So you can “manage your hunger, maintain a healthy metabolism and feel energised as you lose those unwanted kilos”. The Herbalife plan includes two milkshakes each day, targeted nutritional supplements, protein-rich snacks along with a balanced, portion-controlled primary meal. You’ll find shakes flavoured French vanilla, Dutch chocolate, berry, and cookies ‘n cream.


Optislim says losing weight ought to be simple and thats always become the aim in the core of its own company. Its extensive selection of diet milkshakes contains chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banana and espresso flavours. Additionally, it sells an assortment of soups, bars and other snacks. Optislim also provides a web-based support programs and range of “detox” or “toning” meal plans.

Rapid Loss

Rapid Loss claims to do just what its name implies help you slim down, quickly. It says its meal replacement shakes are calorie-restricted using a distinctive fibre that absorbs water and swells in the gut, making you feel full without calories. The milkshakes are supported by an extremely successful strategy which is made up of meal plan and workout program. All upwards, Fast Decline says you might lose up to 3kg each week.

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