How to lose weight fast for men only, some useful recommendations

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How to lose weight fast for men, some useful recommendations

Have you ever considered how to lose weight fast for men only? Of course you have. I know that I always want to lose weight fast after putting weight on. Especially during Christmas, while on vacation or after going to parties. I let myself go and always gain a few pounds. Then there comes a time when I want to get back to my ideal weight. And the quicker the better. Now there’s been a long held belief that losing weight has to be a slow and boring process. I have some good news for you. Recent evidence has proven this to be completely wrong. Think about it this way. If it’s possible for you to gain a lot of weight in just a couple of days then shouldn’t it be possible to lose that weight within a couple of days. It should and it is possible. In this post I will share with you some of my best strategies for fast weight loss for men. So let’s first cover what you need to know about calories.

What you need to know about calories and how to lose weight fast for men

Find out how to lose weight fast for men

Discover how to lose weight fast for men

So the main question on your mind is probably how many calories to eat to lose weight? The reality is that you have to reduce your daily calorie intake. You must achieve what’s known as a calorie deficit. This means that you have to burn more calories than you consume.

So you have to watch your diet. Make sure that you do not over-indulge in sweats, cakes, chocolates, pastas to name a few calorie bombs. Also stay clear away of fast foods.

As a general rule you’ll want to consume approx. 1400 calories a day. And you will want to spread it out evenly throughout your day. This means that you’ll be eating more vegetables, fruits and lean meats. Follow this diet and you will reduce your daily calories. The next step of the weight loss formula involves burning more calories throughout your day.

How to lose body fat fast

I want to share with you how to lose body fat fast. In fact this piece of golden advice that I am about to share with you is also the secret on how to burn stomach fat. So in order to burn more calories we have to have a more active lifestyle. So what is the secret. Exercise!

Exercise is the secret to burning more calories.

So either start going to the gym or start playing a sport. Both of these will help your body burn more calories throughout your day.

Another great idea is running to lose weight. When I go to the gym I always include some running. But I don’t go on a treadmill and run non-stop for 30 or 40 minutes. Instead here’s my treadmill workout which I find is really good for running to lose weight. I’ll have a 1 minute walking warm up. Afterwards I’ll do 1 minute of running and 2 minutes of walking. I’ll do this pattern for about 10 minutes and then have a break. It’s called interval training. You’ll be losing weight in no time.

How to get motivated to lose weight

Motivation is a very important element for fast weight loss. For me I like to exercise because I feel better afterwards. Knowing that I went to the gym and exercised always brings me a good feeling. It’s relaxing.

But here’s a motivating fact I want to share with you. During your workout you will have a boost to the amount of calories you burn. Which is great, right!

But your body will actually burn more calories for the following 24 hour period. So when you invest your time in a 40 minute or so workout session you are actually investing in the entire 24 hour period. You will burn more calories and you will find that creating a calorie deficit is much easier.

A side benefit of exercise

If you are feeling stressed out after a hard day’s work then exercise may be the solution. Exercise is a way to relieve your stress. Research has actually proven that a good workout produces the feel good hormones in your body. So you will feel relaxed and much better after your workout.

But if these thoughts are not enough, then I have a tangible solution for you. Create a reward for your workout. Treat yourself to something tasty like a smoothie for doing the workout.

The biggest obstacle to losing weight

I want to share with you another reality of exercise. The hardest part is to start. Your brain will think of every possible reason not to workout. But after a couple of weeks you will get accustomed to regularly working out.

Also you will realize that a workout is a reward in itself. The actual workout will always produce the feel good feelings in your body. You will become addicted this and actually look forward to the workout.

Easy advice on losing weight

The last really important principle I want to share that deals with how to get motivated to lose weight is keep a journal of your weight. Record your weight every 2 or 3 days. Once you see that your weight is dropping you will feel more powerful to continue your healthy lifestyle and lose more weight. Seeing results is tracking your weight loss campaign. It’s very important.

If you do not track your weight you could be missing out on a source of motivation. Imagine that you were back in school. What if there were no grades. How would you know whether to study more or study less. It would be impossible. The same applies here. So track your weight in a journal. But the start will be the hardest.

Here’s the checklist for to boost your weight loss:

  • You have to control your daily calorie intake.
  • You have to boost your daily calorie burn. You do this by exercise.
  • And to stay motivated always focus on how you feel after the workout and
  • Keep a journal of your weight loss progress.
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