How to lose a pound a day easily, safely and healthfully

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How to lose a pound a day effortlessly and healthy

Have you ever thought how to lose a pound a day? Or did you just consider that fast weight loss is not possible. I know that growing up there was a common belief about healthy weight loss. This common belief was that weight loss is a slow process. That you should aim for a pound a week. But that is an old view. Lucky for us, science and research have proven that the human body is highly adaptable to your circumstances. What this means is that if you can gain a lot of weight in a short time, then you can also lose a lot of weight in a short time. But there are certain actions that you can take to boost your body’s ability to lose a pound a day. So if you can’t lose weight and are really frustrated then the information below can help you.

How to lose a pound a day with weight loss supplements

Find out how to lose a pound a day

Discover how to lose a pound a day

Let’s have a look at the best over the counter weight loss pills.

There are some weight loss supplements that can help you burn more calories. Once you create a calorie deficit you will start to lose weight and burn off fat.

So the first supplement is known as green tea extract. Did you know that this is actually the key ingredient in many weight loss products. I always think that instead of buying the fancy products with the marketing hype, just go directly to the source of burning fat. In this case that’s green tea extract.

Green tea extract works by increasing a hormone in your body that actually helps you burn fat. On its own this is not a wonder drug. But combined with a healthy diet and exercise program you will burn more fat and lose those extra pounds fast. It works by boosting your metabolism.

Just don’t take it at night cause it contains some caffeine and you may not fall asleep afterwards.

Secondly green coffee beans extract is worthy of mention.

The second supplements worthy of mention are green coffee beans. Green coffee beans are simply coffee beans that haven’t been roasted. It has two main ingredients. Caffeine which boosts your metabolism. And chlorogenic acid. This slows down the break up of carbohydrates in your digestion. So that you have more energy throughout your day. And less cravings.

The third supplement I recommend is garcinia cambogia extract. It’s a fruit that has a beneficial fat loss property. It’s secret is hydroxycitric acid (HCA). In animal studies it has shown to inhibit the body’s ability to store fat. This product has been featured on the Dr Oz show.

How many carbs do you need to lose weight?

Briefly you need carbs, proteins and fats in a healthy diet. But if you want to lose weight fast then you have to reduce your carbs. Not necessarily eliminate them entirely but simply reduce them. So eat less potatoes, breads and pastas. Add more meat and vegetables to your meals.

When you eliminate carbs you greatly reduce your daily calories. When you combine a reduced calorie diet with exercise then you will get a calorie deficit. Once this happens you will burn off your excess fat quickly.

The diet plan for success

I want you to follow a 30 day diet plan. Make sure that you make a promise to yourself to stay with the diet for 30 days.

Many people give up after 4 days, 10 days and just revert back to their old habits. If you create a 30 day plan and stick  to it, I’ve got some good news. Stick to your plan for 30 days and you will create a new healthier habit. Habits are tough to break. So if you create a new one you’ll be stuck with it.

So a 30 day diet plan will provide you with a healthy habit that will burn more fat fast.

Increase your daily exercise

When you exercise more you burn more calories. Studies have proven that regular exercise ensures your metabolism is performing at full speed. So not only do you feel better but you get your maximum burn of daily calories.

Get yourself a cool pair of gym shoes and look forward to a workout session. I have found that I get the best results when I mix my workouts up. So one day I do a weight lifting gym session. The next I focus on aerobic exercise. So I go on a treadmill, bike or rowing machine. This way my workouts are different, and they don’t get boring. I actually look forward to them.

Combine exercise with a reduced carb diet and you will lose a pound a day. You will create a calorie deficit. This happens when you burn more calories daily then you consume. Then your body will literally shed away your extra fat.

On top of exercising be more active in general. Walk whenever you can. Instead of taking the car to the corner shop, just walk. Instead of taking the elevator to the 2nd floor, take the stairs. These little tasks will add up and you will be more active and burn more calories.

Secret step of fast weight loss

Ok, so you reduce your daily calories intake by reducing carbs. You exercise. Now remember to drink a lot of water. You have to keep your body hydrated always. Water is really effective for fat loss. Indirectly it helps.

Water keeps your body hydrated. Research has shown that when you are dehydrated your metabolism slows down. So if you want to lose a pound a day of fat then make sure to drink a lot of water.

But there is another benefit of water. If you keep to a reduced carb diet, you may get cravings. By drinking water you fill the stomach up and get rid of your cravings.

Follow these principles and you too will lose a pound a day. Good luck

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