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The objective: Lose weight and keep it away by reducing calories via meal replacement with extra fruits and vegetables, learning healthy lifestyle strategies and increasing physical activity and individual responsibility. The claim: All fast weight loss programs that can allow you to slim down, but individuals who alter their lifestyle through the Health Management Resources plan keep significant weight reduction through either the medically supervised, in practice or at home alternatives.

The fast weight loss programs theory

Three times as much weight is lost and kept off using meal replacements, compared to traditional diets, experts say. HMR meal replacements – low-calorie shakes, meals, nutrition bars and hot multigrain cereal – are eaten in place of other meals and snacks. Also, eating fruits and vegetables, which are naturally low in calories, helps displace higher-calorie foods from a diet. By combining vegetables and fruits with HMR meal replacements, you’ve got filling, nutritious meals. Physical activity is essential for successful long-term weight management, as well as a small exercise only 10 to 20 minutes of walking daily, can help you achieve weight loss targets.


HMR Program ranked #20 in the overall rating of fast weight loss programs. 38 diets were assessed with input from a panel of health specialists. See how we rate diets here.

HMR Program is ranked:

  • #20 (tie) in Best Diets Overall
  • #4 in Best Weight-Loss Diets
  • #8 (tie) in Best Commercial Diet Plans
  • #19 (tie) in Best Diabetes Diets
  • #26 (tie) in Best Diets for Healthy Eating
  • #1 (tie) in Best Fast Weight-Loss Diets
  • #21 (tie) in Best Heart-Healthy Diets
  • #15 (tie) in Easiest Diets to Follow
  • 3.2 Total


  • Weight Loss SHORT TERM 4.3
  • Weight Loss LONGTERM 2.8
  • Easy to follow 2.9
  • Healthy 3.2

Scores are derived from experts’ reviews.

How can HMR Program work?

Eat lots of fruit and veggies

HMR fast weight loss programs shakes

HMR fast weight loss programs smoothies

The HMR Program was developed more than 30 years ago by Lawrence Stifler, a behavioral psychologist and president of HMR. The HMR at Home fast weight loss program additionally called the Healthy Solutions Diet includes two stages. Stage one is the Quick Start period, during which the aim would be to slim down as rapidly as possible. The Quick Start Diet kit contains all the HMR foods you want for the very first three weeks, except for fruit and vegetables, which you supply yourself.

Automatic food cargoes will subsequently arrive every two weeks. Home delivery helps ensure you never run out of food, which might interrupt your weight reduction. You will also begin learning healthy lifestyle strategies. You subsequently transition to phase two as soon as you get to your aim weight, or you also are prepared for less construction in your daily diet. While the time in phase one depends on your individual weight-loss goal, expected weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds per week, with an average weight loss of 23 pounds over the first 12 weeks.

In stage two, you will receive HMR food monthly, work in other healthful food choices and focus more on lifestyle changes while either keeping your step one weight loss or continuing to drop some weight at your own pace. Weekly phone training sessions with dietitians and exercise physiologists supply support and encourage responsibility.

Stage one

Stage one uses the “three-two-five” day-to-day fast weight loss diet programs. In the event you are starving, you can eat more of these low-calorie foods and still slim down. For variety, you can mix and match HMR foods and also the fresh, canned or frozen produce you purchase, but you do not have to make any other food options. “Remaining in the box” on the dietary plan is simpler when you maintain these foods at home, work and everywhere you go, along with reducing accessibility to tempting outdoor foods as much as actually possible.

You are encouraged to avoid fast-food restaurants and coffee shops and to contemplate briefly restricting social activities that center around food. Adding physical action is the next part of the period, together with the target of immediately working up to burning off 2,000 calories each week. It’s possible for you to distribute physical action through the entire day. Also it could be average-intensity exercise, like walking, swimming, dancing or using a treadmill at a reasonable speed. You will monitor exactly what you eat and how much you work out through the entire plan on weekly progress graphs.

Stage two

The transition period lasts four to eight weeks. You continue with physical action and advancement tracking, but now the food strategy shifts. You will eat some HMR foods and continue with the same quantity of fruits and vegetables (35 portions a week), while slowly adding in good non-HMR, low-calorie foods. The target would be to begin assembling healthful eating habits for long term weight maintenance. You start to produce food selections while strategically using at least 14 HMR foods weekly rather than higher-calorie outdoor meals. You’ll focus on lean proteins (including fish, skinless chicken breasts, and veggie burgers), using low-calorie cooking methods such as baking, broiling and steaming and grains (including rice, pasta, and oatmeal), and you’ll practice balancing low- and higher-calorie days along with physical activity levels.

In-Practice Choices

Some strategies are medically supervised, and all provide a weight maintenance plan. All HMR players are given a health screening when they join. On the basis of the diet you choose, your body mass index as well as your medical history, the staff will determine in the event that you need medical oversight. Generally speaking, individuals with 40 or more pounds to lose will reach their aim more rapidly with the HMR Conclusion-Free diet, including medical oversight, since the calorie range is indeed low (about 500 to 800 calories per day). With the Judgement-Free diet, participants eat just HMR meal replacements (no added fruits or vegetables). Individuals on the HMR Healthy Solutions diet usually do not need medical oversight unless they are taking diabetes medicines.

What can I eat?

  • HMR cereal.
  • Mandarin spinach salad with chicken.
  • Fruity Fizz made with an HMR Vanilla Shake, diet grapefruit soda, banana, and frozen mixed berries.
  • HMR cheese and basil ravioli, steamed edamame, and a mixed salad of cucumber and sliced tomatoes.
  • Lemon strawberry pudding prepared with HMR vanilla shake mix, lemon juice, and fresh sliced strawberries.
  • Thai pumpkin curry with green beans, sprouts, and rice.
  • Chicken enchiladas with green onions and tomatoes.
  • Pumpkin soup with cream and parsley.
  • Mushroom Risotto with Fresh Italian Parsley and Crusty Bread.
  • Black bean dip.
  • Italian minestrone & bread.
  • Grilled chicken breasts in lime sauce.

HMR Multigrain Hot Cereal is a warm and satisfying whole grain cereal with a blend of oats, wheat, and corn, plus tangy red currants, cranberries and apple bits.

Diet guidance

Eating healthy on a budget

The first three-week HMR starter kit prices $271.50 (with free shipping when joining the plan). The regular two-week reorder kit prices $185. Separately, milkshakes, cereal, and soup run between about $2 and $2.50 per serving. Entrees cost $3.70 per portion and can be purchased online. You will save on prices in the meat and processed food sections of your grocery store, while perhaps spending more cash than you are used to spending in the produce aisle.

Are you going to slim down?

Losing weight can be more straightforward in the event you outsource meal preparation and limitation food choices and high-calorie temptations. In stage one, HMR provides all your low-calorie, heat-and-eat entrees, and add-liquid-and-mix milkshakes. Sticking with HMR collections plus fresh produce, alongside recommended degrees of moderate exercise (about 36 minutes of day-to-day walking at an average speed), should cause weight loss. The at home application reports an average reduction of 13 to 20 pounds total, with higher amounts for individuals who get involved in weekly telephone counseling.

HMR-sponsored research reveals overweight patients using HMR meal replacements plus vegetables and fruit lost almost 29 pounds more than patients who only received weight loss counseling over 24 weeks. Another study found an average 37.5-pound reduction in 18 weeks and a 43.5-pound reduction for medically supervised patients in 19 weeks. Other HMR-sponsored studies demonstrated similar or better results.

In April 2015, a Kansas-based health care system using the HMR Program released data on nearly 1,000 participants who enrolled between 2009 and 2013. After a year of involvement, patients lost 19 percent of their body weight regularly.

How simple is it to follow?

As with absolutely any diet, you can miss greasy foods, particularly at first. Bites made with HMR milkshake powders should meet your sweet tooth (with added noncaloric sweeteners), though you might get more than your fill of milkshakes and smoothies during stage one. Step two includes daily calorie reconciliation, estimating and monitoring physical action, and learning the way to slowly phase in outdoor food options, mainly lean proteins, including low-fat dairy and grains.


With the meals and milkshake mixes delivered directly to your door, HMR stage one conserves lots of time in the supermarket, though you will be frequenting the produce section and picking up let add-ins, for example, diet sodas, vanilla extract, sugar-free gelatin mix, mustard, salsa, and spices. Because milkshakes made in a blender are more filling, you may wish to think about bringing a blender to work, or mixing milkshakes at home and with a thermos for transportation.


The “Recipes for Weight Loss & Weight Management Booklet” in the HMR starter kit includes recipes for vanilla and chocolate mix shakes, floats, mousses, hot drinks, and puddings, along with several recipes for HMR Multigrain Hot Cereal, like Maple Banana Bonanza. One page has suggestions for adding vegetables to HMR 500 Chicken Soup. The 14 entree-based recipes in the booklet include beef stroganoff with noodles, cheese and basil ravioli with tomato sauce, chicken creole with brown rice, five bean casserole and Mexican-style beef and bean enchiladas with sauce. For more options, you can turn to the HMR website ( for hundreds of additional recipes.

Eating out

You will need to avoid eateries entirely in stage one even if they’d enable you to bring your HMR foods (and prepare them), you are guided to control your surroundings and stay out of temptation’s way. Strategies for staying on course in “challenging” food surroundings, like celebrations, contain bringing your own entrees and fruit and veggie packages, and eating a meal at home before going out, along with developing a listing of eateries with satisfying low-calorie alternatives for stage two.

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