Which diet program to lose weight is the greatest?

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The healthiest diet program to lose weight

From star-supported to science-backed, finding the correct diet program to lose weight and lifestyle can be an exercise in frustration – undoubtedly not the type of exercise you want right now! To make your search easier, we have pulled together the most popular diets, a comparison tool that gives each plan a Smart Rating based on skilled reviews from US News.

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Greatest Diet Program to Lose Weight in General

Which diet program to lose weight is the healthiest?

Which diet program to lose weight is the greatest?

The winner: Weight Watchers
Thanks to its flexibility, group support, and general popularity Weight Watchers came out way (weigh?) ahead of all other diet plans with a Smart Rating of 98/100. You are likely knowledgeable about its celeb endorsements. Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Hudson and Jenny McCarthy are all its fans. It’s all about the branded frozen foods at your local grocery store. But you will adore their new on-line platform that makes tracking your “points” simpler than ever.

Greatest Low Calorie Diet

The winner: The Volumetrics Diet
Salad bar fans rejoice! With its emphasis on broth-based soups, big salads, and other “high-volume, low-calorie” foods, the Volumetrics Diet program to lose weight guarantees you will slim down without starving. A Bright Evaluation of 96 means pros adore it for its emphasis on whole foods and veggies. Dieters adore it for the broad variety of fiber-packaged recipes that keep you full for hours.

Best Low Carb Diet

The winner: South Beach Diet
The South Beach Diet (Smart Rating 83) will have you slipping into your skinny jeans right away. Thanks to a high-protein, low carb meal plan that’s both “approved and highly regarded by specialists,” according to WebMD. This diet plan to lose weight is also well-loved by non-nutritionists: Former U.S. president Bill Clinton famously used it to drop dangerous abdomen fat and heal him of his fast food habit after inferior health needed open heart surgery.

Finest Authorities Approved Diet

The winner: The DASH Diet
The National Institute of Health (NIH) has been giving Americans diet advice for decades (remember learning the Four Food Groups in elementary school? That was all NIH.), but now they’ve released the DASH Diet. It combines years of normal weight loss tricks and research. Specialists were happy to notice they had added exercise and more practical food choices. With a Bright Evaluation of 97, physicians especially recommend this diet program to lose excess weight for folks looking to lower high blood pressure and reverse heart disease.

Greatest Diet for Total Health

The winner: The Mediterranean Diet
Can not afford a cruise to the Mediterranean (yet!)? At least you can eat like the magnificently wonderful and healthy individuals from the area. The Mediterranean Diet. Smart Rating 94, teaches you to eat like a Sicilian by incorporating more fish, olive oil, and veggies into your diet in order to maintain life-long health. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or not.

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