Sample Daily Schedule for the Second Stage of Fat Loss

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This post is the part 11 of The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide

On the second weight loss stage, the daily routine changes a bit. This post is dedicated mainly to the food regime and dietic suggestions. What you should eat for breakfast, dinner and supper to make this stage most effective? What is the most optimal menu? Which supplements should you take and when? You’ll find the answers here!

  1. In the morning you should go to the toilet and weigh yourself (continue reading the graphic of slimming).
  2. After this, drink a glass of ordinary water without gas.
  3. Drink one pill of L-carnitine (1500 mg) and go to the morning walk.
  4. Move as always in the aerobic regime, watching your breath, during 40-70 minutes. The longer the better!
  5. When you return home, drink one more pill of L-carnitine and don’t eat anything for 1.5 hours. But water is always allowed!

The breakfast

The first breakfast should consist of protein isolate cocktail and bran or cellulose. The amount of protein isolate is counted, strictly depending on your personal minimum of everyday protein need.

If you can’t buy pure protein in the form of protein isolate, increase the portion of protein dinner (cottage cheese, fish or meat) depending on the amount of protein needed and break it into 2 meals.

In approximately 1 hour after the intake of protein isolate, you should eat, chew thoroughly, 8 almond nuts and a handful of bran, and then drink a glass of any fat-free kefir or yogurt. Take one capsule (pill) of a vitamin-mineral complex of GMP classification.

Fruits can be eaten after an hour since you have breakfast, or at once after the protein isolate.

The dinner

During the first two days of the second stage, you should eat cottage cheese for dinner. It should be in amounts of 180-200 g and have 0.7% fat. It can be combined with vegetables and greenery. If you use cottage cheese with 0% fat, you may add 3 dried apricots, prunes or 2 figs. But then the number of fruits in your daily ration are decreased at least to the half.

From the third day, you should change cottage cheese to fish, preferably of fatty breeds, such as salmon or trout. 180 g of ready product is enough. The fish could sometimes be changed to similar portions of seafood (shrimp, squids). You should have 3 fish days every week.

After the fish, days begin the meat ones: up to 250 g white chicken meat without skin (chicken breast).

You can measure the exact amount of meat and fish according to your norms of daily proteins, fats and carbohydrates consumption.

The time of dinner is defined by your own need and not by a certain time.

Sometimes chicken can be substituted for rabbit meat, fat-free beef or veal.

You should have 2 meat days every week.

From the second week, you may define the order of protein intake by yourself, shuffling fish, meat and cottage cheese days as cards. The main thing is to keep the general proportion: 2 cottage cheese days, 3 fish and 3 meat ones.

During the second stage, you may, as earlier, eat up to 400 g of any fruits, except grapes, oranges, and bananas. Fruits can be eaten after an hour since breakfast or at once after the protein isolate. You need to distribute them evenly during the day until 18.00. You should eat fruits not earlier than half an hour before the protein dinner.

It’s desirable (but not necessary) to drink 1.5-2 l of water. Tea and coffee are not counted.

The supper

You may choose:

  1. The salad made of any raw vegetables, known from the first stage.
  2. The salad can be substituted by hot supper. Stewed broccoli (up to 250 g of ready product), cooked with one tablespoon of unrefined sunflower oil.

Along with the salad or stewed vegetables, it’s desirable (but not necessary) to drink a glass (100-150 g) of dry red or white wine.

After the light supper, you should take one capsule of Q10 for increasing the skin elasticity.

Before going to sleep, eat 2 boiled egg whites. Without yolks! You can add to them vegetables and spices, according to your taste.

If during the first half of the second stage your weight hasn’t stopped, it means that everything is going alright and the metabolism began to reconstruct itself. If the weight has stopped or begun to grow constantly, you need to correct your ration. And to work over your mistakes. It’s described in details in my book.

You must strictly follow the rules of the second stage till the excessive fat mass decreases to 80%. Then, you should systematically add strength loads, combining them with aerobic ones.

For regaining of the muscle tones and body shaping you should alternate aerobic training (any kind of walking) with strength ones and add exercises for arms, spine, legs, press, waist, and chest.

If you add strength exercises, you should change your ration and include cereals in it. They must be eaten only at the end of the second stage, during the days of strength exercises.

What’s next?

So, the second weight loss stage is over! Congratulations, you’ve made it to the last, third stage! You’re almost on the finish line! But it’s too early to relax. This stage will require some effort, too. What do you need to do during the final phase of this weight loss system? Click on the link below to read about it!

GO TO THE PART 12 OF THE ULTIMATE WEIGHT LOSS GUIDE  >>> The Third Step of the Losing Weight System – Completion and Adaptation

What do you think about it? I would be very grateful if you share your opinion in comments!

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