Sample Daily Schedule for the First Fat Losing Stage

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This post is the part 6 of The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide

So, you’ve read what to eat and what activities to do during the first stage. But what your whole day should look like? How should you organize your daily routine to make this stage maximally effective? In my weight loss program, this question is covered too. I’ve made an everyday plan especially for the first part of this program, where I’ve written in details what you should do during the day and in which order. So, it will be much easier for you to organize yourself!

Daily schedule for the first stage

  1. Rise and shine in the morning, visit the bathroom, weigh yourself. Draw a diagram depicting your prospective changes in weight for each day. (The diagram will act as a visual aid impressing itself in your subliminal consciousness.)
  2. Drink a glass of water.
  3. Take one vial (ampoule) of L-carnitine supplement – 1500 mg (can be bought in sport nutrition shops).
  4. Take a long walk. Walk at medium speed, no laboured breathing, so that you could talk without panting. In other words, make sure to walk at the top of your breathing capabilities yet do not get short of breath. Remember that you can drink water anytime during your walk. When you walk in the street you may pick up your pace and then ease up and repeat the routine several times. Before going outside, be sure to apply some warm-up (anti cellulite) cream onto your problem-prone areas and slowly rub it in order to increase the circulation of blood in such areas. You can use a wooden roll massager to massage your back and thighs but the stomach is for hands only: grasp a skin fold and move it in a wave-like fashion upwards and downwards several times.
  5. After your morning (evening) hike take the second vial (ampoule) of supplement L-carnitine – 1500 mg.
  6. Refrain from food for an hour before and an hour and a half after your walk. Yet you can drink water as much as you want.
  7. Have breakfast in one and a half hours after completing the walk. For breakfast, you may have a glass (200 g) of any fermented milk product which contains living bifidobacteria and is flavour-free. Eat a fistful of cedar nuts (in the absence of allergies) and 2-3 tablespoonfuls of bran. During breakfast take a cap of any GMP-classified vitamin-mineral complex.
  8. Before 18:00, at regular intervals, make sure to eat 2–4 large apples (any sort or color will do) or 2 large grapefruits.
  9. After 18:00 and before going to bed you can eat as many raw vegetables as you like (excluding carrots and beetroot).
  10. Have supper at any time from 18:00 to 22:00. For supper, you can eat a fresh vegetable salad seasoned with a tablespoonful of unrefined olive or flaxseed oil and two tablespoonfuls of fat-free farmer cheese. Add vinegar (according to taste) or any species (preferably turmeric). After a light supper take one cap of coenzyme Q10 supplement and 1 cap of vitamin-mineral complex. Make sure to continue taking caps of this vitamin-mineral complex in the described routine for the duration of the first stage (two weeks).
  11. While having your salad you can treat yourself to a glass of dry red or white wine.
  12. Right before going to bed eat two boiled chicken egg whites. Egg whites can be salted, peppered and accompanied with vegetables.

Upon completing 2 or 3 weeks of this scheme we can proceed to the second stage.

Depending on your physiological characteristics you can lose from 2 to 7 kilograms (4.4 – 15.5 pounds) over the duration of the first stage.

What’s next?

Now, you know everything about the first stage. Let’s move on to the next one! What are the main features of the next stage? Which goals does it have? What will change and what’ll stay the same? Keep reading to find out about the middle stage of the Weight Balance slimming system!

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What do you think about it? I would be very grateful if you share your opinion in comments!

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