Simple beginners exercise plan

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Beginners exercise plan

You can pile on yourself all this unnecessary stress when deciding how to tackle your weight loss problems because there are a lot of different approaches to that issue. Also, there are a lot of, sometimes different, and beginners exercise plan that can make you confused and in doubt what to do, who to listen. And that is the point of this article, to help your start.

Beginners exercise plans and your first steps

The first step may be the hardest but doing nothing is also not an option. And the best way to make that first step is to start at the beginning with simple beginners exercise plan.

Psychologists have discovered that to create a new habit/routine, you need to stick to it for 28 days, after that it should become second nature to you. So if you manage that long, you’re already in a better position than before to lose some serious weight. Because when exercising becomes your habit you won’t look at it as punishment for your prior bad habits but something fun and rewarding.

Building a foundation with your beginner’s exercise plan

Your working out doesn’t have to be some massive production, but you need to be dedicated to it and never skip your working out sessions. That is one of the most important things!

And if you follow our beginners exercise plan to the letter you’ll build a serious foundation you can then choose to take to the next level, or simply stay on the same path maintaining your build up and improving the state of your general health in the process.

The beginners’ exercise plan

We’ve made simple and easy beginners exercise plan, you can do in the privacy of your home, without equipment or personal trainers and still experience great training session designed to get you in the best shape possible and burn that unwanted fat.

  • body weight squats
  • push ups
  • walking lunges
  • dumbbell rows
  • plank
  • Jumping Jacks

Body weight squats

How to develop beginners exercise plan

Basic exercises for beginners

Before you start doing these exercises, make sure to warm up, that is very important. You need to prepare your body for physical exertion if you don’t want to injure yourself by accident.

For a start do 20 body weight squats, and add later if you choose so. When doing them make sure your back is straight and stretch out your arms in front of you while going down, for better balance, then return them alongside your body when going up.

It’s ok if you’re a little wobbly in the beginning, you’ll get the hang of it after some practice.

Push ups

Next, you’ll do 10 push-ups. It’s difficult to do them properly, straight down and straight up in the beginning, so until you build up some strength do them on your knees. That way you’ll still be working out but with the reduced intensity.

Walking lunges

For this exercise stand up with your legs normally apart and put your hands on your hips. Then take a massive step forward with your left leg until the knee of your right leg almost touches the ground. Almost, but doesn’t. Then go back to your former position. Shift between your legs until you do 20 of walking lunges.

Make sure your upper body is completely vertical while going down and up again. It will help if you keep your eyes always straight ahead of you.

Dumbbell rows

For dumbbell rows you’ll need some weights, but if you don’t have them a jug of juice would do nicely. Also, this is usually done on a bench but if you’re working out at home just join two kitchen chairs together.

Lean on your left arm on the seat of the chair and do the same with your left knee by pulling it up. Then with your right hand start lifting the weight in a straight line, all the way to your chest then put the weight back down. After you do 10 with your right arm, switch position and repeat with your left.


To do a 15-second plank get down on your elbows and your toes. Then lift your ass in the air and keep that pose. You’ll know you’re in the right position if you’re forming a straight line with your entire body.

If 15 seconds is too easy for you, add another 15 or keep the pose for a full minute.

Jumping Jacks

To finish your first circle of the three-part session you’ll need to do 30 Jumping Jacks. When doing them just make sure that you’re keeping your spine upright and your arms and legs nice and stretched.

When you finish those, have a 5 minutes break, grab some water then do the routine two more times.

If anything becomes too easy for you over time, you can add more advanced exercises.

As before when following beginners exercise plan to make sure you stretch after you’re done to relieve your muscles of tension. Also, make sure you do these exercises at least 3 times per week, but not in a concession, but spreading them every other day for better results.

Updated: March 2, 2017 Author: Dmitrii

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