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Thank you for visiting WeightLosster – my personal blog. For your convenience, I have gathered here all types of strategies for weight loss, different tips and lessons learned from various sources of knowledge. Much of this information have been put to good use in the development of my Weight Balance system. I hope that at least some things from this bank of knowledge will come in handy for you, too.

Why did I decide to lose weight?

Frankly speaking, I would rather not use the term “losing weight”. I prefer the phrase “getting my body back in shape”. I first got around to the task of getting myself in order around 2005, when I weighed about 150 kg being 185 cm tall.

People with normal weight will have trouble even trying to picture the range of problems that corpulent people face on a daily basis. Therefore, the bigger the excess weight, the more critical is the issue of survival in the world designed for (let’s be honest here) people of medium weight and of medium height. Every day time and time again a fat person is being haunted with various problems starting with a sagging sleeping mattress and a bowed bed and ending with being unable to get into a bathtub or to simply go outside.

We simply get tired of wearing this “suit” of excessive body fat every day. Just think about it – tens of pounds of fat! Naturally, we become tired quickly and opt for a lie-down every time we get a chance. Gradually, we become more and more interested in rest and relaxation.

Your fatigue which morphs into laziness and regular pain in the small of your back make it impossible even to do basic cleaning around the house.

If a common person with normal weight tried to spend a day in a fat body like that – life would seem hell for him!

Over the last 10 years I’ve tried and tested almost all weight loss systems known to mankind and finally established my own system which has remarkably changed my body as well as my life. As these years passed my weight dramatically changed back and forth several times from 150 kg (331 lb) to 90 kg (198 lb)

I tried all kinds of approaches, got varying results, managed to lose some weight and then gained it back again. Once I have even completed a 21-day fasting program. For twenty one long days I had nothing but drinking water. Yet during that period I kept regular working hours and walked for about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) every day. I lost a lot of weight quickly, yet sadly it all came back to me over the next few months.

Now let’s get down to the core. Just stop and think about it: do you really view the excessive weight as your problem? The excessive weight is merely a symptom or a consequence, for that matter. The primary cause for it is that for some reason your food consumption exceeds the needs of the body or the consumed food is not digested properly. Hence two principal and traditional questions which will determine the final result: why do you keep doing that and how can you change it.

If you look back upon the past years of your life, you will probably agree with me that your past life, in all its diversity, has been the cause of the current health problems you experience today. Undoubtedly, you can put this process on hold with the help of any approach to weight loss which is available at the moment. You can even get rid of your excess weight once and for all. But please don’t forget!

If you do not eliminate the cause for the increasingly harmful condition in the body, then you will not be able to keep the newly attained normal weight.

I have realized one most important issue – each one of us is a truly unique creature with his or her own behaviour patterns and individual physiological processes. Thus, there cannot be a single smart solution for everyone because if something works for you, it does not mean it’s going to work for anybody else.

My Weight Balance system

I studied a huge volume of information on the subject, tried all kinds of approaches to losing weight and various diets, consulted a variety of dieticians and in the end I came up with the following conclusion – everything ultimately depends on my own self. In fact, it all turns out pretty simple. All you need to do is become fully aware of the processes that undergo in your body which contribute to gaining or losing weight. You need to understand the way different foods as well as physical exercises affect your body. That is why I ended up with a simple and consistent system. The way I look is a vivid proof that I have attained my goals and achieved peace and harmony with my inner self.

My last attempt to lose weight was a success without the help of any diets and fasting. My cornerstones were physical exercise and control over my daily food intake. The whole process of shedding my excessive weight went smoothly and comfortably and so far none of my extra pounds have found their way back.

It’s worth noting that I first began to implement my system when I was 50 years old. The endeavour may seem to be hopeless at this age. However, the system worked just fine! I decided to share it with my friends and they have evaluated its efficiency. You can get an overview of my daily diet plan and test the efficiency of my system in real time. The Weight Balance system is good for everyone, because it allows you to determine the causes behind your excessive weight. Once you are aware of the causes, you can easily figure out the right way towards your goal.

Undoubtedly, I will continue to improve my system and introduce you to all of its updates. In addition to that, I am going to publish stories of amazing changes which I keep receiving from my friends from all over the globe.

Everything is possible!

Updated: March 3, 2017 Author: Dmitrii

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