6 step plan for abdominal fat loss forever (Try now!)

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Abdominal fat loss

When you choose to make improvements in your appearance it’s always prudent to not rush into things or take the easiest course of action. Yes, losing weight, especially those few stubborn extra pounds around your belly that just won’t go away, can be challenging, depressing when it’s futile, but not impossible and certainly not unattainable. Here, we’ll show you how to do it, with slight changes in your everyday life, achieve fantastic abdominal fat loss fast yet naturally. And with a guarantee that those pounds won’t come back ever again.

Problems with abdominal fat loss

The abdominal fat loss is easy to achieve when reviewing the efforts you have to put opposed to the rest of your bod. But it’s also the one you can most easily gain back. So you have to be very careful what advice you take and diets you implement.

Starving yourself is not an option. Not if you want it to be permanent, and not just a quick fix, but also (and this is the important part) done in a manner that would be beneficial not just to your waistline but your general health as well.

Quick and easy abdominal fat loss

Let’s get down to business. Here is your game plan if you want to achieve abdominal fat loss and improve the quality of your whole life

  • Say no to artificial sugar
  • Learn the powers of protein rich diet
  • Cut the carbs
  • Say yes to fibers
  • Put your running shoes on
  • Drink plenty of water

It maybe looks like a hefty list, but you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll get used to (and learn to enjoy in) all these little changes in your life.

Say no to artificial sugars

If it’s not honey or came straight from a fruit (that you eat and not some fake fruit juice) learn to shunt away from all that unnecessary and poisonous artificial sugar.

Newspapers, TV, and Internet are all overflowing with reports how bad sugar can be for you. We learned to crave it; it makes us feel good but, at what price? It causes obesity, cancer, type 2 diabetes. The list is growing every day and it’s up to you to choose a healthier life that would lead you away from all these dire predicaments.

Also, you’ll have to learn to be more careful when shopping in the grocery. There are a lot of products that are packed with sugar that you would never suspect (like ketchup). So, start reading the ingredient labels to avoid it as much as possible. Your metabolism, liver, and your currently fatty belly would be all grateful to you.

Learn the powers of protein rich diet

Proteins are essential in losing weight diets. Some studies show that the more you have a proper protein diet the less fat around your abdomen you have.

You can get it straight from the right kind of meats or if you’re a vegetarian\vegan. There are still plenty of ways to make sure you have a healthy protein rich diet. So choose products that have protein at between 25% and 30% of calories. Include eggs, meat, seafood, nuts, legumes and dairy and whole grain products to your meals as they are all packed with proteins. Veggies that are protein rich are spinach, broccoli, potatoes, asparagus, artichokes…

If you are vegan best protein sources are chickpeas (or other beans for that matter), lentils, tofu, seitan, hempseeds, teff, spelt, spirulina, oats, soy milk, wild rice and all types of nuts.

Diet for abdominal fat loss

Protein rich diet and abdomnal fat loss

Cut the carbs

First of all, don’t be afraid to cut on the carbs in fear you’ll be starving. You can still eat plenty of food that will keep you sated, give you plenty of energy and better prospects for improving your general health and still lose weight, because it would be done naturally. And it wouldn’t be anything drastic. Simply, while you’re loading on proteins start avoiding things like white bread or pasta. That should be more than enough to slim down in no time.

Say yes to fibers

If you want to be rid out of that harmful belly fat start including fiber-rich ingredients to your diet. If you’re not completely sure what are fibers, they are the indigestible plant matter that can help you dramatically in losing weight.

Studies show that adding only 14 grams of fiber to your everyday diet can result in losing 2 kg over 4 months period. That is amazing and so easily achieved, and in a way that you won’t gain them all back. So just start eating plenty of plant food, which means vegetables and fruits, legumes as well.

Your best options are berries, avocados, nuts and beans but don’t limit yourself only to those choices. There are a lot of foods you can use that can meet your dietary standards.

Put your running shoes on

No, you don’t have to run if you don’t want to. But you need to engage in some form of exercising, not just to have a slimmer stomach but being in good physical condition is important to your health as well. Exercising has beneficial effects on your metabolism, your normal blood sugar levels.

So be active, in any way or form you choose fit or are comfortable with. You can run or go for swimming. Join some aerobics or spinning class. Gather all your friends and organize weekly basketball or volleyball matches. Even walking is proved to be beneficial. So, if you have a dog, why not use his as a companion for longer walks through the park.

Running and abdominal fat loss

Move to lose your abdominal fat

Drink plenty of water

Last but not least important is hydration so make sure you drink plenty of water because you need it for your body to function properly.

Cut on all the artificial beverages and stick to water or teas that are known to have beneficial properties, like green tea. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout all day. And if you’re not sure you can remember that install an app on your phone to help you with that. Also, carry your bottle of water anywhere you go. That way you’ll never be thirty and maintain your water levels.

Water and abdominal fat loss

Drink more for abdominal fat loss


It may seem like a lot is asked of you but amazing belly fat loss is your goal and the one that won’t be missed if you stick to this simple plan and implement everything to the letter. Overall benefits with this plan go beyond simply losing weight and could have a vast impact on your health and prosperous well-being.

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